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Aug 23 2012

Amazon Election Heat Map Predicts Anti-Obama Landslide

Collectivists are fond of indulging in their perception of themselves as intellectually superior to their individualist opponents. No doubt they think they are much better read. Yet when the libs at Amazon put together an “election heat map” indicating which states are reading red (conservative) versus blue (moonbatty) books, the result was a countermoonbat landslide:


Only six states are selling more liberal books bought than conservative titles: Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, New York and DC. DC is the bluest of the blue states, with 78% of political purchases coming in blue, topped by Barack Obama’s own two titles, Dreams From My Father and The Audacity of Hope.

You think maybe our rulers within the Beltway are a little out of touch with the rest of the country? It’s either that or they just saw 2016 and they are desperately trying to figure out who we have in the White House.

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s prophetic description of Obamunism, remains high on the reading list for good reason.

The results indicate one of three things: 1) countermoonbats read more books; 2) the Moonbat Messiah is about to lose massively as the mood of the country surges against him and depraved, dysfunctional ideology he personifies; or 3) both.

On a tip from Oiao.

34 Responses to “Amazon Election Heat Map Predicts Anti-Obama Landslide”

  1. Drury says:

    “DC is the bluest of the blue states.”
    This is entirely understood by anyone with two functioning neurons. And it goes a long way in explaining the truth behind what Mark Levin said the other day that the Imperial Federal Government *IS* the Democrap Party and the Democrap Party *IS* the Imperial Federal Government. The two are intertwined and need each other to survive. Most employees of FedGov simply cannot be against their own interest and have Conservativec come in and downsize their power structure. They love Big Government, public sector unions, and the leftist twaddle that a few statist authors spew. Inside-the-Beltway mentality is clearly a mental disorder.

  2. Sam Adams says:

    Liberal don’t buy books. They already know it all.

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Liberals dont buy books, they “liberate” them from capitalist pig bookstores under their coats.

  4. Lucky13 says:

    It’s sad to see friends who think Barry Soetoro has a chance in hell of winning again, that is unless hell has something to do with it.

  5. Mickey Shea says:

    Welfare savages and illegal chachas don’t read books.

  6. zeonxavier says:

    I’ve ordered more conservative books since the 2008 elections and read them in order to better understand the U.S. political situation.

    According to this, I’m far from the only one. We need educated voters who can make sense of the issues to be an informed majority. However, I have trouble believing all these concerned readers outnumber our clueless brethren.

  7. Louie says:

    The following derives from user-generated data, so the results are suspect. Currently predicts Romney with 281 electoral vs 257 for Obama. Two weeks ago it put the chances of a Romney win at 15%.

    Also a fun tool to view the outcomes of previous elections.

  8. Louie says:

    Q: Why has the issue of the votes being counted by a Spanish organization with strong Obama ties not grown any legs? How this came to pass. Transparency. Verifiability. Reasonableness. Aftermath.

    It amazes me. . . .

  9. Louie says:

    Lastly (for now), where is the re-vetting of Obama? I don’t recall (ever) having heard any “reporters” even asking *why* Obama has concealed his past, or what he hopes to gain from doing so, let alone question him seriously about the identified inconsistencies.

    Didn’t I see a report several months ago that one of Obama’s attorneys had admitted, in court, that the most recent birth certificate, posted on the WH website, was faked? And wasn’t the person responsible for its generation identified?

    And why is the MSM not making the case that there are *so many* anomalies in Obama’s history that it just doesn’t pass the smell test? (That’s a rhetorical question, I suppose, given that it’s the MSM.)

    There is simply no major media follow through when it comes to Obama.

  10. wingmann says:

    If we get to the elections AND he is defeated…I hope he leaves quietly….to another country.

  11. YES WE CON! says:

    USA Upside down in Deep $hit… Exhibit #102:
    A decorated Lt. Col. spends 5 months in Leavenworth, because he asked the Kenyan Occupier to show his Birth Certificate. He lost EVERYTHING, but his family and friends.

    So while I’m glad the former SEALS are getting the word out now about the Usurper, Dr. Terry Lakin paid a very high price for trying to alert the American People about the ILLEGAL ALIEN 2 years ago. Justice? No. Media Attention? No. Usurper-Ustupid ticket could get 4 more years? Yes.
    Please buy his book @

  12. wingmann says:

    @ Louie
    “And why is the MSM not making the case that there are *so many* anomalies in Obama’s history that it just doesn’t pass the smell test”

    Because the media is COMPLICIT in the scam!They are supposed to expose things like this……and they have sold you,me and the American people out.
    Think in terms of communists/sociopaths=liberal progressives.

  13. Doug says:

    Sam Adams says:
    August 23, 2012 at 7:49 am
    Liberal don’t buy books. They already know it all.

    Winston Smith says:
    August 23, 2012 at 8:05 am
    Liberals dont buy books, they “liberate” them from capitalist pig bookstores under their coats.

    I love this website!!!

  14. Gunny G says:

    NO WAY will Hawaii go red. Nothing but a welfare state.

  15. Winston Smith says:

    Liberals dont buy books they burn books.

  16. Louie says:

    wingmann says: August 23, 2012, 9:08 am

    “If we get to the elections AND he is defeated…I hope he leaves quietly….to another country.”

    I hope Romney/Ryan & Co shine a giant searchlight up his ass, expose everything and send him to prison/firing squad for treason/high crimes.

  17. AC says:

    NO WAY will Hawaii go red. Nothing but a welfare state.

    This sums up the problem in a nutshell.

    Those with money to spend, political curiosity, and the intelligence to read are preferring conservative ideology by a huge margin.

    Comrade Chairman’s loyal base of stampers doesn’t like to read, especially on subjects as deep as politics. Also, Amazon doesn’t accept EBT.

    When half of adult Detroiters can’t read, is it any surprise that Michigan went red?

  18. Louie says:

    wingmann says, August 23, 2012, 9:15 am

    I well understand that. What I don’t understand is why the MSM idiots apparently have neither any self respect nor an instinct for career self-preservation. The issues here are many and significant, and the sheer volume of them should strongly indicate corruption on Obama’s part, even to a biased observer.

    What, exactly, do these MSM “reporters” think will happen to their credibility after a Romney/Ryan win when the Obama excrement finally hits the rotating diffuser?

    A stupid (rhetorical) question on my part, I suppose. After all, they *are* the MSM. . . .

  19. David says:

    Why is Pennsylvania grey? Don’t they buy books at all???

  20. Joe says:

    Lucky 13 says “unless hell has something to do with it.”

    Well it’s been said he’s satan’s evil twin.

  21. microcosme says:

    Calif isn’t blue?

  22. Sam Adams says:

    Frankly I don’t understand why we don’t discuss what this election is all about:

    Liberty versus Government Control

    Those who favor government control think that the government will just control the other guy…specifically the rich guy. They don’t believe that the government will control them (by, for example, dictating what kind of light bulb you use, how many gallons per flush, the number of squares per trip to the john). Than also don’t recognize that government-supplied stuff will be just that….government supplied stuff. The government supplied cheese may taste just fine, but the government supplied toilet paper will have a lot of coarse splinters in it and will fall apart at just the wrong time.

    Or there is freedom and liberty. Freedom to get your own job, to decide what kind of toilet paper you want to buy, whether you are willing to stand on your own two feet and be an adult.

    Believe me….Obama isn’t promising your freedom…but maybe he will give you some of that free government toilet paper. Check out some free government toilet paper at your nearest highway rest stop.

  23. criolle johnny says:

    OK, so I’m a gadfly.
    WHEN did D.C. become a “state”?
    Other than that, great article.

  24. fubar says:

    David says:

    August 23, 2012 at 10:22 am

    Why is Pennsylvania grey? Don’t they buy books at all???

    it kinda looks green to me, not kelly green but that weird green everyone is painting their houses and living rooms,

    I’m from PA, I buy ALL conservative books, I really want to read alinsky’s rules but refuse to buy it to put any $ in their pockets, i’m hoping to find it at goodwill or something.

    If it weren’t for Philly, H’burg, Scranton and Pittsburgh , PA would be solid red. OH and State College (liberal elitist shithole)

  25. AC says:

    A quick Google search for Rules for Radicals pdf will uncover a complete version within the first page of results.

  26. bobdog says:

    I keep an eye on Real Clear Politics, which presents and average of polls.

    They currently have the electoral college vote at 220/181 for Obama. It’s getting closer, but we still need a 39 vote swing.

    It ain’t over til the fat lady sings.

  27. Rob Banks says:

    Romney will win election, state-by-state study predicts

    An analysis from the University of Colorado that has correctly predicted the outcome of presidential elections since 1980 is forecasting Mitt Romney as the winner this year.

  28. AC says:

    The problem with the polls is they ignore Comrade Chairman’s 3-5% edge from corpses, phantoms, ghosts, felons, illegal aliens, cartoon characters, pets, and the mentally ill. The ACORN component of his base doesn’t show up in telephone surveys.

  29. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Rob, I think the U of Colorado study is very interesting. I have been saying for a while now that Romney will win in a landslide. Nice to know someone, or something, agrees with me.

  30. Alan says:

    Oh please. If Obama loses California, Oregon, Washington state and New Jersey, I’ll blow everybody on this board.

  31. Eric says:

    I can’t understand the lack of numbers for moonbatty books, I have personally gone through 4 korans just lighting my grill when I cook pork ribs.

    As for Conservative books; My copy of Atlas Shrugged is ratty, dog-eared, underlined, and busted backed – I have to keep shoving the pages back in after I read it. I guess that’s why my Bible is kinda beat-up looking too.

  32. Eric says:

    Maybe I have explained the whole thing, with some help above from Winston Smith, liberals buy Conservative books to burn.

  33. Louie says:

    We know/believe that Romney/Ryan will IN FACT garner the most votes, but we need to be looking at who is COUNTING the votes. I predict/fear/expect massive fraud at that point, which will be in addition to the usual/expected fraud at the polls (voting dead/pets, repeat voting, “found” ballots, illegals voting, suppressed military ballots, “lost” ballots, army of lawyers, “hanging chad” type issues, etc).

    And the Blacks will riot, regardless of the outcome. It’s what they do. . . .

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