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Jan 29 2019

Amazon’s Facial Analysis Technology Denounced as Racist

Facial analysis technology faces a setback. It has been revealed as racist:

Privacy and civil rights advocates have called on Amazon to stop marketing its Rekognition service because of worries about discrimination against minorities. Some Amazon investors have also asked the company to stop out of fear that it makes Amazon vulnerable to lawsuits.

Lawsuits strike terror even before bureaucrats have time to impose their heavy-handed regulations.

The researchers said that in their tests, Amazon’s technology labeled darker-skinned women as men 31 percent of the time. Lighter-skinned women were misidentified 7 percent of the time. Darker-skinned men had a 1 percent error rate, while lighter-skinned men had none.

Racist and sexist both! Good thing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has publicly positioned himself as a flaming moonbat. Otherwise, he might be subjected to the Two Minutes Hate like Nick Sandmann.

Although Amazon’s Matt Wood says that the technology has been updated so as to provide “zero false positive matches,”

Amazon’s reaction shows that it isn’t taking the “really grave concerns revealed by this study seriously,” said Jacob Snow, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union.

The product was put under the political correctness microscope explicitly because it is marketed to law enforcement, which itself discriminates based on race. Blacks are more likely to commit every kind of crime, resulting in higher rates of arrest and incarceration. However, according to the disparate impact theory beloved by liberals, if all races do not achieve equal results by every conceivable metric, it is because white people are odious racists.

When they get done suing Amazon, maybe they should try a class action suit against every law enforcement agency in the world. Think of the jackpot!

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