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Nov 21 2018

Amber Tamblyn Wanted to Give Her Daughter to Sweden

At the Vulture Fest Feminist AF reading series in Los Angeles, Tinseltown bubblehead Amber Tamblyn of the soap opera General Hospital recently revealed the trauma she experienced at the Javits Center in NYC in November 2016 when she realized Hillary Clinton would not be making a victory speech there after all:

As the night wore on and it became clear that Clinton was facing a steep challenge to the presidency, “I swigged some more Zantac, and my baby shoved her foot into my ribs, as if to foreshadow the [pain] that was yet to come,” Tamblyn read. … When Clinton’s director of strategic communications informed Javits Center attendees that Clinton would not be speaking, Tamblyn came to a grim conclusion: “A dark realization swallowed me: I was going to bring a baby into this world. And not just any baby: a girl.” Tamblyn recalled imagining if she should give her baby away to Canadians or Swedes.

In the alternate reality inhabited by moonbats, a girl would be safer growing up in the increasingly Islamized Rape Capital of the West than in the USA if for a few years Democrats don’t control the White House.

At a subway station the following day, Tamblyn read, she began experiencing pain and shortness of breath, which caused her [to] collapse on the stairs. … Ultimately, Tamblyn learned she was just having a panic attack.

Tamblyn, like many of the widely worshiped Hollyweirdos who play such a large role in shaping the public’s views, suffers from neurosis and hysteria.

On a tip from Zack VC.

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