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Mar 30 2019

America Begins to Sink Under Deluge of Illegal Aliens

The USA will soon be replaced by a different country with a different population if something doesn’t change. According to projections, 1.5 million rapidly reproducing illegal aliens will be added to the population this year alone:

This year, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Catch and Release policy — whereby border crossers and illegal aliens are readily released from federal custody into the interior of the U.S. — is on track to release roughly 434,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the country by the end of the year. This projection is based on current estimates that more than 36,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have been released from DHS custody every month since the beginning of the year.

Additionally, Princeton Policy Advisors researcher Steven Kopits projects that in 2019, there will be up to 500,000 illegal aliens at the southern border who successfully cross into the U.S. undetected by Border Patrol agents. These are foreign nationals whom federal immigration officials are unaware of and are usually only deported after they commit a crime in the U.S.

If they are even deported after committing a crime, they come right back again. Recall that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who went virtually unpunished after shooting Kate Steinle in front of onlookers, had already been deported five times.

Hold on, there’s more:

Also, should visa overstay levels continue at the same pace as in Fiscal Year 2017, there could potentially be about 630,000 illegal aliens added to the U.S. population after overstaying their visas.

Meanwhile, Trump proclaims that he wants to increase to “the largest numbers ever” the tsunami of legal immigrants gushing in, overwhelmingly from the Third World.

Until recently, it was regarded as obvious that like every other country, America has an interest in maintaining its demographic stability. But Cultural Marxists have the whip hand now, so even pointing that out would cost any mainstream politician or opinionator his job.

Annual illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $116 billion.

That’s only in direct costs.

Research by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has discovered that immigration to the country shifts about $500 billion in wages away from working and middle class Americans toward new arrivals and economic elites.

No one would have believed it, but the situation was less catastrophic under Obama.

Illegal immigration under the Trump administration this year is projected to surpass every year of illegal immigration levels that the Obama administration oversaw, as Breitbart News has noted.

No wonder treason isn’t punished anymore. Everyone in Washington could be charged with it.

Probably worried that his supporters will come to the conclusion that they were conned, Trump has threatened to close the border if Mexico does not do what Congress could but won’t do — put a stop to the escalating invasion. The media’s reaction: don’t you dare.

We’ll see what happens. If it isn’t drastic, Trump is finished, and so is America.

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