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Apr 14 2019

American Flag on Police Cars Considered Controversial

Only in a society rotted through with moonbattery could the American flag on the side of a police car be considered controversial. From Laguna Beach, California:

The [city] council agreed in February to repaint its all-white squad cars in black and white with the image of Old Glory running through the word “police” on the doors.

Moonbats, who oppose what the American flag stands for, are enraged.

“People are screaming that the American flag on a police car is somehow or another … hurting people’s feelings who might be immigrants or visitors,” said Councilman Peter Blake.

If a foreigner cannot bear the sight of the American flag, a simple solution would be to stay home. But of course it is native progressives who react to Old Glory like Count Dracula to a cross.

The council is now reconsidering the new logo “out of an abundance of caution.”

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