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Feb 18 2020

Amy Klobuchar Opposes English as National Language

Just because Amy Klobuchar is passed off as a moderate among the rabid Jacobins comprising today’s Democrat Party does not mean that she is so centrist in her views as to support English being the national language of the USA.

Via AP:

Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar says she no longer believes English should be the national language of the U.S., disavowing a vote she took more than a decade ago as she tries to build support in a state where Hispanics make up a critical constituency.

Sacrificing our national identity in hopes of getting a higher percentage of the Latino vote like she is trying to do in Nevada is called “Hispandering.”

Klobuchar used to support an amendment to defend English as our national language. Such an amendment has become necessary due to unprecedented levels of immigration and a conspicuous failure to assimilate. But now she croaks that she has “taken a strong position against” it.

Maybe she would be okay with English as an official language so long as it isn’t the only one. That way she could pander to various constituencies by promising to put each group’s language on the official list. Next up after Spanish would come Somali.

“Immigrants don’t diminish America — they are America,” she said in Reno on Friday afternoon.

In the context of the massive, demographically transformative, unassimilable immigration now taking place, that translates to, “America isn’t America — the rest of the world is America” or to be more accurate, “I won’t represent America — I will represent the rest of the world.”

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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