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Jan 11 2019

Ana Navarro Expresses Contempt for Dead Americans

The shutdown drama has highlighted how fundamentally opposed Democrats are to securing the border, even in the face of a serious crisis. You have to wonder if these people care at all about Kate Steinle, Ronil Singh, and the numberless other Americans who have been killed by the lawless lowlifes who exploit the situation to pour into our country from the Third World. For an answer, we turn to an official mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, CNN. When the topic turns to Americans dying because liberal bureaucrats refuse to secure the border and enforce immigration law, watch CNN propagandist Ana Navarro role her eyes and even file her nails to express her haughty contempt. Via

Ana is what happens when bratty schoolgirls never grow up. CNN is a much more appropriate place for her than even the RINO wing of the Republican Party.

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2 Responses to “Ana Navarro Expresses Contempt for Dead Americans”

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