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Jun 24 2013

Anal Hazing Hits High Schools

Where you have moonbattery, you have unintended consequences even more pernicious than what liberals planned to impose. For example, the aggressive campaign against “bullying” is intended to normalize homosexual deviancy among schoolchildren. A consequence of authorities constantly ramming home their obscene belief that the anus is a sex organ:

In the last year, there have been more than a dozen hazing incidents around the country involving high school boys who have sodomized other boys with foreign objects, reports Bloomberg. Over 40 boys have been reported victims. Most have been younger students.

There’s a dearth of data concerning the size and scope of the national boy-on-boy anal hazing problem. Astonishingly, though, a study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence has claimed that nearly 10 percent of high school males report suffering some form of sexual assault including, in some cases, forced oral sex or rape.

A few examples of the new craze:

Three former soccer players at La Puente High School in the suburban sprawl east of Los Angeles were convicted of sexually assaulting other students with a javelin and a broken flagpole, reports Southern California Public Radio.

A bit farther east, in Fontana, Calif., underage students allegedly tried to place a piece of rebar inside the anal cavity of another student, according to NBC Southern California. There was a similar incident involving a broom handle. Prosecutors say a masonry teacher was present at the time and knew what was happening.

In tiny Greenfield, Iowa, a group of members of the Nodaway Valley High School wrestling team allegedly pinned down a 16-year-old teammate and sexually assaulted him because he had missed practice. An unidentified student told ABC affiliate KCRG that older wrestlers ordinarily forced jump role handles into the anuses of younger wrestlers who missed practice or failed to make weight.

A particularly alarming case occurred in Norwood, Colorado:

Three varsity wrestlers bound a 13-year-old boy with duct tape on a bus — at the state wrestling meet — and sodomized him with a pencil.

This wouldn’t be terribly unusual these days, except that the victim was the principal’s son. Everyone else sided with the attackers, who were given token 1-day in-schools suspensions, roughly 1/1,000,000 the punishment they would have received for saying the word “fag.” The principal was forced to move to another town.

At least we know that students have been paying attention during ever-earlier, sodomy-friendly sex ed indoctrination:

Three male students — two third-graders and a fifth-grader — at an elementary school in New York City forced a third-grade boy to perform oral sex on them, according to a disturbing lawsuit.

Did that ever happen when you were in grade school?

America is getting fundamentally transformed, all right.

On a tip from G. Fox.

16 Responses to “Anal Hazing Hits High Schools”

  1. Bo Jangles says:

    On the one hand, people, regardless of their age, need to be punished for such conduct. Being suspended for a day or two, or being scolded by some indoctrination camp guard is not punishment. “Real” punishment is still the best deterrent to criminal behavior, even though it’s no longer PC.

    On the other hand, we need to be real careful as to what we call “sexual assault”, or other such crimes committed by young people. We are now so twisted by political correctness that even words can constitute “sexual assault” to some. And usually, once that title is used, not many people bother seeing if the allegations are truly founded. Remember Tawana Brawley and the Duke team members?

  2. Sam says:

    “the aggressive campaign against “bullying” is intended to normalize homosexual deviancy among schoolchildren.”


    Where in the h*** do you get that?

  3. TED says:

    Stanley died in a fire and his body was burned pretty badly. The morgue needed someone to identify the body, so they sent for his two best deer hunting friends, Cooter and Gomer.

    The three men had always hunted and fished together and were long time members of a hunting camp.

    Cooter arrived first, and when the mo rtician pulled back the sheet, Cooter said, “Yup, his face is burned up pretty bad. You better roll him over.” The mortician rolled him over and Cooter said, “Nope, ain’t Stanley .

    The mortician thought this was rather strange, So he brought Gomer in to confirm the identity of the body. Gomer looked at the body and said, “Yup, he’s pretty well burnt up. Roll him over.” The mortician rolled him over and Gomer said, “No, it ain’t Stanley .”

    The mortician asked, “How can you tell?” Gomer said, “Well, Stanley had two ass-holes.” “What! He had two ass-holes?” asked the mortician. “Y up, we never seen ’em, but everybody used to say, There’s Stanley with them two ass-holes.”

    Cooter and Gomer are both now employed in the Obama administration. One in the Cinncinatti IRS office and the other in the Justice Department using different names.

  4. Kevin R. says:

    A troll recently cited falsely that a consensus of 97% of scientists believe in anthropogenic global warming. Lord Monckton rips this to shreds:

    Upon inspection of their data file, the latest paper apparently showing 97% endorsement of a climate consensus really shows only 0.3% endorsement of that consensus.

    Conclusion: The non-disclosure in Cook et al. of the number of abstracts supporting each specified level of endorsement had the effect of not making available the fact that only 41 papers – 0.3% of all 11,944 abstracts or 1.8% of the 4014 expressing an opinion, and not 97.1% – had been found to endorse the quantitative hypothesis, stated in the introduction to Cook et al. and akin to similar definitions in the literature), that “human activity is very likely causing most of the current GW (anthropogenic global warming, or AGW)”.

  5. Tax Slave says:

    If a student doesn’t have the proper policially correct attitude towards homosexual students, that student will be accused of bullying.

    If a student professes any form of Christianity, he will be accused of bullying.

  6. clingtomyguns says:

    Sam says:
    June 24, 2013 at 9:35 am\Where in the h*** do you get that?

    Better to ask how the h*** do you not get this, assuming you’ve been following current event like this :, and this,, and this,, and this

    Obama has led the country down the pernicious path of moral depravity and converted the development of ethos in public schools into something resembling the Shawshank Redemption. If that would have happened to a student where I went to grade school, the perpetrators would have been severly beaten into comas.

  7. RKae says:


    …wow… You are totally lost, aren’t you?

    It’s a simple equation that’s happening again and again and again.

    1.) Claim there’s so much bullying against homosexuals that we need a nationwide campaign to combat it.

    2.) Get the program into schools – right down to kindergarten – that ANY form of dislike against a homosexual hurts his/her feelings, and is therefore “bullying.”

    3.) Everyone must affirm that they are completely onboard with the homosexual agenda, or they will be ostracized.

    4.) If you STILL regard it as a sin, you can’t keep that to yourself. As the DOJ recently let its employees know, “Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.”

  8. Flu-Bird says:

    Make such hazings a federal crime those who do these need locked up for life

  9. Jodie says:

    And of course, Obama’s anti-bullying czar wasted no time before bullying and mocking young Christian students:

    “Dan Savage, who launched the ‘It gets better’ campaign that President Obama incorporated into his outreach to homosexual youth, mocked Christian students because they disagreed with his opinion of Christianity.

    Savage, speaking at a seminar for high school journalism students earlier this month, made a profanity-laced attack on ‘B.S.’ in the Bible that he said is used to justify gay bullying.

    When several Christian students decided to leave the seminar, ‘Savage noticed them leaving and called them ‘pansies,’ according to Citizenlink, a Christian the first reported the incident.”

  10. Son of Taz says:

    clingtomyguns says: …Obama has led the country down the pernicious path of moral depravity and converted the development of ethos in public schools into something resembling the Shawshank Redemption….

    Let’s be fair Cling, the moral depravity started in the schools under the union teachers and weak-kneed administrators. It carries through college where “Sex Weeks” are sponsored by student funds, even if a student wants nothing to do with it. Then there’s the Hollywood perverts, shoving homo movies and TV shows up our collective asses.

    The wart in the White House is just the most visible symptom of a far bigger problem.

    On August 1, tyranny officially arrives in the US when faith-based employers must offer insurance coverage for birth control and abortion. All churches must now have their insurance carriers offer this, regardless if the teachings of the church say otherwise.

    The hell with the ballots folks – break out the bullets.

  11. oldguy says:

    It seem to me, from what I read in the article, that the ones doing the bullying are themselves homosexual.

  12. jeigheff says:

    I remember bullying in school (and I don’t excuse it or minimize it), but I don’t recall a single instance of rape, anal or otherwise.

    We live in wicked times. oldguy is right: the homos are doing the bullying.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I’m sure the parents of the perverts will be all “he’s a goot boy, he ain’t hurt nobody”. If there’s a father in the home, he’s probably proud of his little pervert for being so open and diverse.

    We’ve gone so far in the pro-homo direction that most won’t even speak out about these disgusting acts and the actual torment that these boys inflicted on their victims.

  14. Vic Kelley says:

    Don’t just blame the degenerate sex ed stuff. It takes some real evil for people to do this to others. I wonder if this crap is affecting women, too. I mean I wonder if girls are attacking other girls like this. I don’t really want to know.

    Homeschool. Find a way.

  15. eMatters says:

    Gross, but important to note. This is tragic. I guarantee that the accessibility of p*rn and the failure of our government to do anything about it and the failure of parents to protect their kids from seeing it (you do have Internet filters or other controls in place, right?) will ensure that things like this will increase.

  16. […] Anal Hazing Hits High Schools – Gross, but important to note.  This is tragic.  I guarantee that the accessibility of p*rn and the failure of our government to do anything about it and the failure of parents to protect their kids from seeing it (you do have Internet filters or other controls in place, right?) will ensure that things like this will increase. […]

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