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Jan 17 2019

ANC Body Count

Decades of power have changed the African National Congress from the days when it was placing tires filled with gasoline around people’s necks and setting them on fire under the guidance of the sainted Nelson Mandela and wife Winnie. Now when it kills, it is mostly by incompetence rather than malice. South Africa’s Democratic Alliance has released an ANC body count:

• The Life Esidimeni Tragedy – 144 people died at the psychiatric facility due to “neglect”

• Marikana – 34 mine workers were shot by police while protesting. President Cyril Ramaphosa was an executive for Lonmin at the time.

• Pit toilet deaths – At least three children have drowned in pit latrines since the ANC were re-elected in 2014.

Too bad 181 is not the total number of deaths resulting from the ANC being handed power in 1994. Counting the farm murders it has enabled would raise the ANC body count into the thousands.

As the DA notes in a statement,

“South Africans have been subjected to one of the worst governance periods under the ANC which has plunged the country into unacceptable levels of poverty and a crippling jobs crisis. Communities have become war-zones, provision of basic services has come to a grinding halt, and millions of our children have been let down by a failing education system.”

On the positive side, even if the ANC has reduced a wealthy First World country to the ongoing train wreck we see today, it has provided its liberal supporters around the world with a warm glow of self-satisfied righteousness.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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