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Nov 29 2019

And the Children Shall Lead

Why should Greta Thunberg be the only child to boss around grownups in the name of the global warming hoax? A 12-year-old named Ben Pickles has impelled County of Brant, which is a municipality in Ontario, to declare an official Climate Emergency.

Barks Mayor David Bailey, via Heart FM:

“We will develop a plan to combat climate change and we will call on community members do their part.”

No doubt the weather in County of Brant will be much improved after the measures take effect.

The County of Brant has set the goal to be net carbon neutral by 2050. Bailey says the decision was made after a presentation from 12 year old Ben Pickles.

Why not just put children in charge of the government? It couldn’t work out any worse than letting moonbats rule.

Fortunately, this all amounts to posturing that only a 12-year-old would take seriously. County of Brant will not willingly adopt a Medieval standard of living so as to please the imaginary gods of climate change. But I wouldn’t rule out tax hikes and senseless regulations that increase the power of local bureaucrats.

On a tip from Whyley.

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