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Jun 05 2018

Andrea Morris Joins Hate Hoax List After Inflaming Social Media Mob

These days every confrontation between the police and persons of politically preferred pigmentation is a racial incident, due the tired and discredited racial oppression narrative. This qualifies Andrea Morris of suburban Chicago for the Hate Hoax List.

It seems that Morris is blessed with membership in two privileged identity groups, also being a person of approved perversion. She was harassing an ex-girlfriend at her home when police had to be called, lest she break the windows again. Morris repeatedly resisted arrest. She finally had to be tased, resulting in a face-first fall onto the sidewalk.

While in custody, she took to Fakebook to get her revenge, livestreaming a phone call. The charming Ms. Morris yelped to her grandmother:

“She [the ex-girlfriend] did this and the police did this. … My face is all f***ed up, grandma.”

Throughout the video, Morris repeats that the “police did this” no fewer than 10 times and talks about a lawsuit and that she’s “finna get paid.”

A witness to the arrest confirms that the police did not beat Morris, but try telling that to the hysterical social media mob that ran with the story, even claiming that the police beat Morris in her sleep.

This time the police are pushing back:

Sauk Village police deny they beat up the woman and the chief says they may take legal action against those spreading the false accusations.

Legal action against the spreading of false information is a slippery slope, as it soon leads to questions of who determines what is true. Hopefully, we can find a way to stop hate hoaxes and the false tales of police oppression that sometimes lead to actual riots without infringing on freedom of speech.

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