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Jun 19 2019

Andrew Cuomo’s Green Great Leap Forward

Mao Zedong’s demented Great Leap Forward, intended to complete the transition from socialism to communism, killed at least 45 million Chinese. Andrew Cuomo’s Green Great Leap Forward is comparably ambitious and also promises to wreak devastation. The New York Governor has reached an agreement with his fellow Democrats in the legislature to radically reduce harmless emissions that are an unavoidable byproduct of modern civilization.

The legislation calls for reducing emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2030 and 85% by 2050. The remaining 15% of emissions would be offset, making the state carbon neutral. The bill would also require that all electricity generation come from carbon-free sources by 2040.

This could only be economically feasible with heavy reliance on nuclear power. Meanwhile, Cuomo is closing Indian Point, a nuclear plant that has provided 25% of the electricity for New York City.

The odds of this economic malice resulting in a measurable difference in global temperature stand at exactly zero. No sane person could tell you differently with a straight face. Yet people will submit to this radical and utterly unnecessary reduction in their standard of living because of the global warming hoax.

Cultural Marxism also comes into play:

In a state where many communities of color struggle with pollution from traffic, power plants and garbage disposal, the environmental justice components of the legislation resonated with lawmakers.

Democrats call this sort of race-baiting rhetoric “climate justice.”

The level of tyranny that will be imposed in the name of absurd liberal dogma is extreme. The bill calls for the creation of a powerful Climate Action Council, which will “recommend emissions performance standards for the transportation, building and industrial sectors.” In effect, this means these sectors of the economy will be controlled by hostile Stalinesque bureaucrats.

Business interests had urged Cuomo and Democratic lawmakers to slow down, saying the legislation threatened 40,000 manufacturing jobs in the state.

That’s only the beginning. Envirofascist moonbattery will reduce New York to an economic wasteland.

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