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Dec 20 2020

Andrew Cuomo’s War on NYC Restaurants

Did authoritarian New York Governor Andrew Cuomo learn anything from the public relations train wreck in which he killed thousands of people by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients? He did not, because the fawning media has insulated him from serious political repercussions. Now his victims are restaurants and the many people they employ, directly or indirectly.

Via Frontpage Mag:

By executive edict, Cuomo ordered the city’s restaurants, which were barely getting along as it was, to once again shut down their indoor dining services completely. Cuomo the grinch did so just in time for the holidays, when restaurants were hoping to make up for at least some of the revenue they have lost this year. By decimating the restaurant industry, Cuomo is also destroying the livelihoods of low and middle-income New Yorkers. For many restaurants, Cuomo’s draconian order is their death sentence. Restaurants are closing permanently in droves.

Democrat officials bark righteously about “following the data.” However,

Contact tracing data released by Cuomo proved how his exercise of raw power to shut down indoor restaurant dining lacked any justification rooted in genuine health concerns. Private household gatherings accounted for nearly 74 percent of the spread, based on statewide contact tracing data compiled from September through November. During this same period, when New York City’s restaurants were open for indoor service at 25 percent capacity, restaurants and bars accounted for merely 1.43 percent of the spread.

Cuomo’s reckless elimination of indoor restaurant dining will drive more New Yorkers to attend private household social gatherings during the holidays, exacerbating the worst source of the coronavirus spread.

Our progressive overlords have made it explicit that the objective regarding coronavirus is not to save lives. For some, tyranny is its own reward.

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