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Jul 22 2019

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza Thrown in Twitter Gulag

These days Twitter will suspend anyone for anything — if by “anyone” you mean any countermoonbat and by “anything” you mean countermoonbattery. Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza was temporarily banished to Twitter Gulag for drawing attention to crimes committed by illegal aliens and for criticizing the deranged policy proposals of Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris:

Mendoza’s son, 32-year-old police officer Brandon Mendoza, was killed in May 2014 by a drunk illegal alien who was driving the wrong way down a highway in Mesa, Arizona.

You can understand why she might hold views contrary to the open borders policies of Democrats. However, Twitter forbids such views.

Mendoza was suspended from her Twitter account and told she would not be able to sign back in unless she deletes a series of posts about crimes committed by illegal aliens and the impact of sanctuary city policies on American citizens.

Supporting the enforcement of US immigration law is “hate speech,” according to Twitter.

Also highly discouraged by Twitter is criticizing policies supported by leftists like Kamala Harris. One tweet that she was ordered to delete reads,

“@KamalaHarris What law can I break and have you defend me so staunchly? Provide me sanctuary from our laws? Political cleanup from YOUR INACTION FOR DECADES is what it’s called. You have #bloodonyourhands for every death of an American killed by an ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL you are protecting.”

Say stuff like that on Twitter and it is only a matter of time until they cart you off to the gulag. Don’t try using a Twitter alternative like Parler if you like your job.

Meanwhile, Twitter enjoys special legal protection as a neutral platform, as if it were not a publisher with an aggressive ideological slant.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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