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Nov 22 2019

Animal Rights Activist Stabs Woman Over Fake Fur

One scary thing about leftist rhetoric is that there are people out there crazy enough to take it at face value and even act on it. Most of us understand that whatever silly nihilistic crap progressives spew about fur being evil and people being no better than animals, trying to kill someone because you think she is wearing fur is not appropriate. Most of us, but not all of us:

An animal rights activist is accused of stabbing a woman inside a church because she was wearing boots with fur — which was fake, Ohio police say.

It happened in Cleveland Heights on Wednesday night. The maniac, 35-year-old Meredith Lowell, allegedly followed a woman into the Fairmount Presbyterian Church as she dropped off children for choir practice.

The woman was standing in the main hall of the church when Lowell stabbed her three times with a kitchen knife. The victim was in stable condition at last word.

According to Police Chief Annette Mecklenburg, Lowell had been arrested previously “for other incidents involving attacks on women wearing fur clothing.”

One incident involved trying to hire a hit man to kill any random person 12 years old or older wearing fur. A year later, Lowell was ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial and released, with predictable results.

It is crazy to let crazy people with violent tendencies run around loose, politically advantageous as it may be for Democrats when some of them inevitably get ahold of guns.

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