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Oct 26 2017

Anniversary of Hillary’s Best Tweet

When Hillary wished herself happy birthday last year, little did she know it was her best tweet ever:

Fortunately, the future she refers to has been canceled. But there is still a chance she will stay out of prison, despite the unfolding Uranium One revelations.

Via Twitchy, on tips from Torcer.

26 Responses to “Anniversary of Hillary’s Best Tweet”

  1. Swordie says:

    Happy Birthday to The First Secretary of State to sell uranium to the Russians.

  2. Saxon Warrior says:

    Hillary is unlikely to go to prison. She is in bed with the ‘secret establishment’. So is Trump. There will be threats of prison to keep the conservative masses believing that there is hope of justice, but it’s just a ploy.
    No, Hillary’s trial and judgement is not reserved for this world but will probably come later.

  3. (With apologies to Dante) Ms. Rodham, choke back your hubris, and let its bile burn your own throat.

  4. GhostRider2001 says:

    No wonder she felt compelled to write a book called “What Happened” Probably should have been titled “What Didn’t Happen.” This tweet would have made a much better cover for the book than the bland blue and white cover that was chosen.

  5. boattailinjection says:

    Why have you never hear of predawn FBI raids at democrats households?
    Things that make me go, Hmmmmm?

  6. OldSailor says:

    Hillary will never see the inside of a prison cell. She literally knows where all the skeletons are buried, or at least enough to blackmail any prosecutor who otherwise has the stones to try to indict her, or get that prosecutor to commit “Arkancide.”

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I think there is hope still for Hillary. If she ran as the president of her neighborhood watch organization, I think she might win

  8. ICEvictim says:

    I noticed they airbrushed the glowing devil eyes out of the picture. it’s really more like this –

  9. Charlotte Wiggs says:

    The gift that keeps on giving. Year after year I hope this tweet is reposted.
    Makes my heart sing to know she WILL NEVER BE POTUS!!

  10. Charlotte Wiggs says:

    Thread winner!! HAHAHAHA

  11. Torcer says:

    Well, you never know – maybe she will eventually be a Federal Prisoner Of The Untied States.

  12. Torcer says:

    Would you trust her and Bill around your kids?


    Seen on Breitbart:

    The New Definition of Opposition Research is: Democrats getting Illegal
    help from the Russians to find out if Trump was getting illegal help
    from the Russians.

  14. Jack Bauer says:


    She looks like one of the kids in that old horror movie “Children of the Damned”….lol

  15. physicsnut says:


  16. KirklesWorth says:

    This CNN headline sure doesn’t sound like objective journalism to me – it sounds downright opinionated and judgmental.

    CNN: Analysis: Conspiracy theorist in chief has the keys to the national archives

    The modern master of the conspiracy theory meets the Kennedy assassination. That’s essentially the scenario as President Donald Trump, who built his political career fanning the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US and has made sport of creating new ones, has the opportunity to green-light a trove of previously classified documents related to the JFK assassination.

  17. Torcer says:

    Hillary Says She Didn’t Know About Fake Trump Dossier, But Tweeted About It 8 Times Before Election
    They claimed that senior officials had no idea that Perkins Coie was carrying out the research on her behalf, but tweets from the Presidential campaign indicate that this is a lie.

    On August 6, 2016, she tweeted “Serious, what is going on with Trump and Russia?”

    Hillary Clinton@HillaryClinton
    Seriously, what is going on with Trump and Russia?
    6:57 PM – Aug 6, 2016

    The next day, she posted yet another tweet, which says “We have some questions about @realDonaldTrump’s cozy relationship with Russia.” Was she planting the seeds of doubt, even back then?

    Hillary Clinton@HillaryClinton
    We have some questions about @realDonaldTrump’s cozy relationship with Russia.
    8:58 PM – Aug 7, 2016

    As the election drew near, left-wing media outlets began perpetuating the myth that Donald Trump was in the pocket of the Russian government and that his Presidency would be akin to voting in Vladimir Putin.

    But we have 8 really good reasons that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be trusted when she says she didn’t know about the Trump dossier. How can anyone believe her? I mean seriously?

  18. Ain’t that the truth…

  19. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Shotgun in hand…yes…why yes I would……

  20. Torcer says:

    With Night Vision goggles at the ready ..

  21. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Excellent suggestion. Is it too much to ask for a few Claymore mines?

  22. Jo Jo Cintia says:

    I remember when I was a poor and unknown intern back in a prestigious upscale private college. Now I have the means to bribe enough public officials to avoid prison for more felonies than Al Capone. When I was growing up Santa Claus put me on his naughty list, but after threatening his reindeer and getting the Easter Bunny to claim sexual harassment from that rich old fat man, I just had to face it, sex and money was the only way to get my Barbie Dream House. Some people ask me how I feel without a soul. I smash the windows on their car and send people to threaten them. When you really think about it, morality is like a box of chocolates. Popular with the stupid, but not as healthy as eating disorders. 2018 is my year. They say that 2020 is the next election, but they underestimate my insane desires for power.
    Happy Birthday me. I’m all behind me. Its all behind me. AhHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Hillary Rotten Record

  23. ICEvictim says:

    it’s where she came from, ha ha

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