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Nov 10 2018

Another Kansas State Hate Hoax

What two words should first come to mind when you read about a note at an apartment complex at Kansas State University bearing the message, “Beware [N-words] Live Here!!! Knock at Your Own Risk”? That’s right, hate hoax:

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Kansas State Police Department wrote “Upon questioning, the person who reported the incident admitted to creating and posting the note to their own door.”

This is not a first for Kansas State.

Last fall, a student scribbled N-word graffiti all over his own car and later claimed (admitted) it was just “a Halloween prank that got out of hand.”

Such pranks will continue to get out of hand so long as guilt-ridden whites regard the forbidden n-word with superstitious awe.

The intent of the hoax was to get people to the polls to vote for Democrats. The hoaxer calls himself “fiji” on Twitter. In a now-deleted tweet apparently accompanying a picture of the racist note, fiji bravely barked,

it’s 2018 and this was posted on my apartment door. this is still happening here at @KState so if isn’t as evident as it already was everyone needs to get out and vote I refuse to let this blatant racism stop me from moving onward and upward.

The problem with hoaxes is that they only work because neurotic whites take this crap seriously. Because they take it seriously, they launch investigations. These investigations easily expose hoaxes perpetrated by idiots, resulting in the liberal narrative being exposed as bogus again and again.

However, even when exposed, the hoaxes help advance the liberal agenda, proponents of which have no use for factual reality anyway. Regarding last year’s Kansas State hate hoax,

The incident led to “stepped up patrols” by campus police along with development of a multicultural center and creation of two university “diversity” positions.

Hoaxer Dauntarius Williams was let off the hook for filing a false police report.

This despite a literal federal case having been made of the incident, with the FBI called in to waste their time.

Dauntarius is now joined on the Hate Hoax List by his fellow fraud fiji.

On a tip from Come&TakeIt.

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