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Dec 18 2019

Another Swedish Teen Subjected to Multicultural Enrichment

The kid who received a fractured skull, broken jaw, and punctured lung among other injuries from a Gambian immigrant is hardly the only Swedish teenager to be subjected to multicultural enrichment. Paul Joseph Watson reports:

A new video out of Sweden shows a gang of migrants beating and urinating on a Swedish teenager in the latest example of cultural enrichment from everyone’s favorite progressive utopia.

The clip shows the boy being laughed at, insulted and beaten as the mob discusses taking money off him.

“Let me piss on him,” states one of the migrants before ordering the boy to open his mouth and urinating in his mouth.

That sums up the relationship between Third World colonists and the Europeans they have been brought in to displace. This situation has been imposed by Europe’s liberal ruling class.

The sooner the pushback starts, the less ugly it will have to be.

On a tip from Sean C.

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