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Jun 10 2023

Anthony Bass Thrown Off Blue Jays

The sad tale of Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass demonstrates how progressives have managed to induce a state of terror whereby normal people just keep their heads down and hope it goes away rather than speak out against society being forcibly reengineered to center on LGBTism.

As discussed earlier, Bass issued a groveling apology for having shared a video on social media that criticizes the LGBT agenda from a biblical perspective. Here’s follow-up:

The Toronto Blue Jays cut pitcher Anthony Bass on Friday, one day after the right-handed reliever said he didn’t think an anti-LGBTQ social media post he shared last month was hateful.

The move came hours before Bass was set to catch a ceremonial first pitch from Toronto LGBTQ activist leZlie Lee Kam before Friday’s game against Minnesota as the Blue Jays begin their fourth annual Pride Weekend celebration.

No doubt the dubious honor of catching the pitch was a reward for publicly betraying his beliefs in favor of the sick gods of LGBTism.

Fans sneered at Bass for his cowardice, possibly causing him to backslide slightly toward political incorrectness:

Bass, who was booed by Toronto fans in his two home appearances since the apology, spoke to members of the media before Thursday’s win over Houston, saying he stood by his “personal beliefs.”

However, he also continued to grovel before the alphabet thugs:

He also said he is “working hard” to educate himself, including meeting with the executive director of activist group Pride Toronto.

Not good enough. The liberal establishment requires absolute ideological compliance with the LGBT agenda. If people are allowed to express any reservations whatsoever, the whole ideology will come unraveled.

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