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Apr 25 2013

Anti-Anti-Gay Terrorism

Moonbats remind us incessantly that not all terrorists are Muslims. It’s true; some terrorists are moonbats. Remember left-wing psycho Floyd Corkins, who shot a Family Research Center security guard on behalf of the homosexual agenda, and about whom the Washington Post had to be pushed into telling the truth? The latest in his sad story:

Family Research Council (FRC) officials released video of federal investigators questioning convicted domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II, who explained that he attacked the group’s headquarters because the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identified them as a “hate group” due to their traditional marriage views.

“Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups,” Corkins tells interrogators in the video, which FRC obtained from the FBI. “I found them online, did a little research, went to the website, stuff like that.”

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard reported that Corkins, who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges, said in court that he hoped to “kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.” As Bedard explained, “the shooting occurred after an executive with Chick-Fil-A announced his support for traditional marriage, angering same-sex marriage proponents.”

No doubt the enlightened will excuse Corkins for trying to kill people he associates with opposition to his repugnant views, since he was motivated by reverence for tolerance.

On tips from G. Fox, Bob Roberts, and StanInTexas.

9 Responses to “Anti-Anti-Gay Terrorism”

  1. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I would like to take this moment to congratulate the Southern Poverty Law Center.
    I wonder if they will now add themselves to their own “hate list” ?

  2. StanInTexas says:

    The SPLC is a partisan hate group. They have ZERO credibility to pronounce judgement on anyone.

  3. Remember, the left believes you have the “right” to blindly agree with them and only them…

  4. DJ says:

    StanInTexas says:

    April 25, 2013 at 10:04 am

    The SPLC is a partisan hate group. They have ZERO credibility to pronounce judgement on anyone.


    Unfortunately you are wrong. The DOJ and DHS crafts much of its policies based on research provided them by the SPLC. Given that, we can conclude the DOJ and DHS regard the SPLC in terms of unquestioned credibility.

    Scary, isn’t it?

  5. redneek24 says:

    Will the Family Research Council sue SPLC? The SPLC got rich suing “hate groups” that are mostly conservative with different viewpoint from SPLC. I haven’t heard but I hope the FRC sues them for 1 Billion.

  6. Flu-Bird says:

    Maybe the SLPC and its chief reptile MORRIS DEES should be held liable for this kind of lies

  7. Jester says:

    Progressives expressing a violent “Join Us or Die” mentality? Who would’a thunk it?

  8. Penny Duff says:

    What a sloppy, warped and twisted piece of reporting! FRC is not a hate group because it opposes traditional marriage. It is a hate group because of the actions against gays and others that it advocates. That gunman was dead wrong under any circumstances, as are those that target violence against abortion providers. And Flu-Bird, you can only hold people responsible for their own words. Morris Dees is not liable for the misreporting of others. Go to the SPLC site and read what’s there.

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