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Jun 04 2024

Anti-Car Democrat Is Scofflaw Driver

No one is above the law,” sneers the conspicuously corrupt figurehead of the liberal establishment, by which he means, “We own the law.” Democrats do not regard law as applying to themselves, as you can confirm by visiting a jurisdiction where they have achieved total hegemony — like New York City:

Assemblywoman Emily Gallagher (D-Brooklyn) — who has demonized drivers for years as she calls for “safer streets” — has racked up at least 46 traffic tickets totaling over $4,000 over the past two-and-a-half years, a review of public records by The Post found.

The socialist pol’s 2014 White Buick Encore was caught on camera blowing through a red light in the Bronx in November 2022, and ticketed for parking in front of fire hydrants at least six times, according to city records.


The scofflaw lawmaker backed a bill known as “Sammy’s Law,” which allows the city to lower speed limits to as low as 10 mph on some streets.

That’s why the system of government where Democrats prevail is known as “anarchotyranny.”

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