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Aug 26 2019

Antidiscrimination Tyranny Applied to Hiring a Babysitter

The Canadian concept of “human rights” is so oppressive that it is being used to punish a father for failing to hire a babysitter:

The father-of-two, identified only as ‘Todd F.’, is being investigated by the Alberta Human Rights Commission after a complaint was filed against him in 2017 by the babysitter, James Crynowski.

Todd posted an advertisement on, a popular classified Canadian ad site, seeing a ‘babysitter wanted for evening Friday September 1’ for his two sons, then five and eight, as he was planning to meet a friend for dinner.

He asked Crynowski some basic questions and learned that Crynowski is 28 years old and male. Then his plans fell through, so he did not need a babysitter after all.

So naturally,

Instead of following up with Todd, Crynowski instead filed a formal complaint with the Alberta Human Rights commission on September 1, claiming to have been discriminated because of his age and gender.

Crynowski must have been looking for an opportunity to file a complaint (as he has done before). This calls to mind another Canadian, Jonathan Yaniv, who presents himself at businesses that provide Brazilian wax services to women. Yaniv declares that he identifies as a woman and when they refuse to handle his genitals, shakes them down or turns them in to the human rights inquisition.

Todd says he will avoid using any babysitters in the future. If the case against him succeeds, other Canadians will do the same, unless they already know a suitable neighborhood teen. Who wants to entrust their children to any random stranger who will demand that they be hired on the basis of their gender, age, race, sexual preference, et cetera?

Any government that tells you that you do not have the right to determine who you hire to babysit your children is a tyranny, regardless of whether it holds elections.

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