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Nov 08 2018

Antifa Attacks Home of Tucker Carlson

Increasingly frenzied progressives are getting downright frightening. Last night they laid siege to the home of Tucker Carlson to put a scare in him for not catering to their grotesque ideology:

A self-described left-wing Antifa group posted videos of a mob outside the Washington, D.C., home of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Wednesday evening, chanting, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night.”

The video was uploaded by Smash Racism, D.C., the same gang of moonbat thugs who chased Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant in September.

The attempt to intimidate Carlson and his family was explicit:

“Each night you remind us that we are not safe. Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either,” the group posted. They also chanted, “Racist s—bag, leave town.”

Note how they always play the victim, even as they terrorize an innocent family.

Carlson, who has four children, was not at work at the time. His wife called the police and locked herself in a pantry.

The host said activists rang his doorbell, broke his oak door and one protester was apparently caught on security video mentioning a pipe bomb.

Be careful not to call them a mob. CNN wouldn’t like it.

If radicalized liberals are this scary now, wait until they regain full control of the federal government. The first step will be using shooting sprees by irresponsibly unincarcerated lunatics as a pretext to disarm the population. Soon afterward, we will find ourselves in a position where calling the police and locking ourselves in the pantry won’t do any good.

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