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Jul 05 2019

Antifa Goons Menace Concerned Moms

Moms are required to approve of drag queens (who sometimes have records for sex crimes against children [e.g., Albert Garza and William Travis Dees]) grooming kids at Drag Queen Story Hour events. Those who do not comply with this requirement will be subject to intimidation by the unofficial street enforcers of political correctness, Antifa.

Via KIRO Radio:

The trouble … started after the Renton Library Teen Pride event that [Seattle area mom Lynn] Meagher has dubbed the “Renton Teen Sex Expo.” Meagher previously told the Dori Monson Show that at the event, which was marketed as suitable for “teens and tweens” by the library itself, condoms and lube were handed out to kids who appeared to be as young as 10, young people were given information about sex acts, gift cards for chest binders were raffled off, and drag queens performed dances with explicit lyrics and moves that can be viewed here (warning: sexually explicit material).

Antifa goons came after Meagher and other concerned moms in the library parking lot:

“We were surrounded by four very threatening men dressed in black, blowing whistles at us nonstop, yelling at us that they were videoing us, that they were taking our picture, that our names were going on Twitter, and that they were going to find us,” she said. “It was extremely threatening.”

The politics of intimidation. That’s the point of Antifa.

Typically of the liberal-run Left Coast (e.g., here and here), nearby police pointedly did not intervene, despite having just escorted the concerned moms out of the library because they were not accompanying kids, as if responsible parents would bring their children to such an event.

So Meagher called 911. Police eventually told the Antifa goons to go back in the library, where they were apparently welcome despite not accompanying kids.

The goons followed through on their threats to dox the moms. Further intimidation followed:

After a KCLS [King County Library System] board meeting on June 26 in Issaquah, in which public commentators spoke for and against drag queen library events, Meagher said that a group of about 10 Antifa members, all of them large men, followed the women in her group into the parking lot.

One of the goons carried a baseball bat and was actually taken into police custody. Next time, maybe it will be muriatic acid.

Aptly named Burien City Councilmember Krystal Marx responded online to the intimidation tactics with an approving laughing face emoji. The reason Antifa is getting out of hand is that it enjoys support from all levels of the liberal establishment, from local city councils to CNN and prominent Democrats (and even some Republicans).

On a tip from DCGere.

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