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Aug 21 2017

Antifa Leader: Violence Against Right Wingers Is Not a Crime

One of the many things the Democrat establishment and the Republican establishment agree on is that Antifa goons are the good guys, because they oppose the radical right. That puts a white hat on Yvette Felarca:

Felarca, the Berkeley area school teacher and militant left-wing protester responsible for organizing the riot at the University of California, Berkeley in February 2017, claims that violence against the far-right is “not a crime.”

Felarca, who belongs to “By Any Means Necessary,” a far-left group, is currently facing assault charges after she was caught on video assaulting a white supremacist during a July 2016 rally in Sacramento, Cali. …

“Standing up against fascism and the rise of Nazism and fascism in this country is not a crime,” she said.

By “fascism” and “Nazism,” she means any point of view to her right, i.e., any point of view other than her own — including those of Antifa’s useful idiot mainstream supporters.

Yvette says violence against you is no crime.

On tips from Torcer.

44 Responses to “Antifa Leader: Violence Against Right Wingers Is Not a Crime”

  1. wildmanonearth says:

    Gee i wonder what she will say when the violence reaches her? I must say that the antifa crowd thinks the nazis, fascists and white supremacists drive prius’s and hold forth at starbucks

  2. KHarn says:

    In a free country, laws are applied equally to all. Since she thinks that violence against people who disagree with her is not a crime, the same should apply to attacks on HER.
    I’m not SUGGESTING anything, of course, I’m just saying…

  3. MAS says:

    They don’t really know just how ugly it could get if Joe sixpack has had enough of their nonsense. Hopefully they will figure it out before that happens…rednecks are resourceful.

  4. ramrodd says:

    where has condemnation of BLM gone from the right wing blogosphere!!!!???


  5. Richard Daniels says:

    I watched the Tucker Carlson interview with this female. She is one scary b**ch. It would be easy to see her in charge of a re-education camp or just any gulag. Go back to that interview if you want to see the cold stare of the Gestapo.

  6. ramrodd says:

    Charlottesville Racist Leader Was Former Occupy Activist, Obama Supporter..

    Jason Kessler(scam artist), the organizer of last Saturday’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is rumored to be a former Occupy Wall Street activist and supporter of Barack Obama.

    James Alex Fields, Jr., the 20-year-old who plowed his car into a left-wing counter-demonstration in Charlottesville, killing one and injuring several others, had been diagnosed with schizophrenia as a boy and had been given antipsychotic drugs. It is not clear if he is still taking them.

    Occupy Wall Street was a radical left-wing movement that began in 2011 in
    Manhattan and spread throughout the globe. It was committed to the destruction
    of the capitalist system, and included violent and extremist elements that waged
    confrontations with police in the fall and winter of 2011-2. President Barack
    Obama, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Media Matters for America, and other Democrats nevertheless embraced the Occupy movement.

  7. ramrodd says:

    White Nationalism is a lie | Barnhardt

    40 minutes into the audio Catholic Ann gives the audience her definition of the Elitist attack of their use of the term “White Nationalist”

    The problem I have with Barnhardt is that she refuses to be challenged, one of the reasons is that she refuses to post a comments section on her site!

    That being said,the cowards often label people who challenge the so called national norms as Conspiracy Theorists!

    Barnhardt Podcast 20: One Hour War College: Charlottesville, Kayfabe and
    Schizophrenics in the Foxhole..

  8. ramrodd says:

    Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week?

    Now, the discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, is raising new questions over whether paid protesters were sourced by a Los Angeles based “public relations firm specializing in innovative events” to serve as agitators in counterprotests.

    The ad was posted by a company called “Crowds on Demand” and offered $25 per hour to “actors and photographers” to participate in events in the “Charlotte,
    NC area.” While the ad didn’t explicitly define a role to be filled by its crowd of “actors and photographers” it did ask applicants to comment on whether they were “ok with participating in peaceful protests.” Here is the text from the ad:

  9. ramrodd says:

    The Alt-Right is Not Right – It’s Left…..The alt-right is myth

    One of the pillars of conservatism is “The Golden Rule,” which automatically precludes white nationalism or racial supremacy of any kind.

    According to McPaper, the white nationalist/supremacist Richard Spencer coined the term in 2008. If he uses the term alt-right to identify himself and his fellow believers – this begs a question?

    Was President Woodrow Wilson a member of the alt-right? He was a racist
    white supremacist. So were President Lyndon Johnson and the late Democrat Senator Robert Byrd.
    Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to halt the spread of the black race. I’d call that white supremacism.

    The KKK was the enforcers of the white supremacist Southern Democrat Party,
    the Dixiecrats.
    Alt-right demonstrators hit the streets adorned with Nazi paraphernalia and
    Confederate flags.

    Neither of those symbols represents American conservatism.

    In fact, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, which these nuts appear to be so fond of, was a tale of combat between two competing leftist ideologies – fascism and communism.

    Neither faction incidentally resembled conservatism or what we’ve come to know as “the right.”

    The German KPD was the largest communist party outside the Soviet Union during the 1920s.
    It was the Trotsky-inspired KPD or German Communist Party vs. the Hitler led fascist “National Socialist German Workers Party” (Nazis).

    There were no “right-wingers” involved at all.

    And did I see the word socialist? By cracky, I did.
    I don’t know of anyone who would confuse conservatism with socialism.

    The alt-right is myth.

    It’s a name crafted to confuse the public into thinking these loons were spawned out of the conservative movement.

    It should actually be relabeled, or labeled properly as the National Socialist American Party, because they are in fact fascists – not of the right and certainly not conservative.

    But because of our woefully inept education system in this country, most
    believe fascism and Hitler were right wing.

    They couldn’t be more wrong.

    The fascists were leftists who had/have a lot more in common with communists than with free market conservative capitalists.
    The major difference between fascists and communists is that the former is
    nationalistic and the latter, internationalistic.

  10. Adam says:

    Well played sir.

  11. TrueConservative says:

    “Antifa Leader: Violence Against Right Wingers Is Not a Crime”
    —certainly a bigger crime is their dress code !!!!!

  12. JackisBack says:

    Inciting violence is ok if you are black

  13. Buffalobob says:

    Yvette, ask Chelsie Handler to provide you with a clear definition of what a Nazi looks like.

  14. Ron Noyfb says:

    No wonder Antifa wears masks- the women are butt uggggllllllyyyyyyy, just like their master Soros and filled with the same hate.

  15. Congruency says:

    Tie a pork chop around neck so you can get the dogs to lick her.

    Why don’t you blame your parents for aborting you?

  16. roccolore says:

    yet if you attack this Mexican supremacist, she’ll cry “Hate crime.”

  17. Jack stewart says:

    She looks like shes been kissing express trains……

  18. M. Bailey says:

    This female’s foolishness and moral blindness are extraordinary.

    it’s plain that she has absolutely no idea that the way you treat others is their guide to how they should treat you.

    She’s actually saying that it’s not a crime for her political opponents to use violence against her! And she has no idea that she’s authorising such violence.


  19. TED says:

    NAH! It still wouldn’t make you any less idiots!!

  20. TED says:

    EXCEPT FOR A FEW leftist assholes.

  21. TED says:

    A BOUNTY for ANTIFA EARS would cure MANY of this countries ills!!!

  22. TED says:




  23. TED says:



  24. TED says:

    UNLESS you look LEFT!!!

  25. grayjohn says:

    Then violence against a bitch like you is totally justified. You and everyone who thinks like you. Is that what you want?

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