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May 22 2020

Antifa Rioter Gets Cash Reward in Portland

Why does this Antifa punk have such a self-satisfied smirk on his face?

Probably because he is high as kite, but also because he has been rewarded with $23,000 by the moonbats running Portland for goading police into hitting him with rubber bullets while he was rioting.

Via the Post Millennial:

Last week the Portland City Council approved a financial payment to an antifa extremist with a history of supporting terrorist attacks on law enforcement after he alleged in a lawsuit his civil rights were violated by Portland Police. The city settled nearly $23,000 with James Mathew Mattox, 31, who filed a complaint saying police injured him and stifled his rights during a riot in 2018.

Click through for details on this charming moonbat and his jihad against law enforcement.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Law Enforcement Today.

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