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Nov 18 2019

Antifa Schoolteacher Yvette Felarca Walks on Assault, Rioting

Public school teacher and rioting Antifa thug Yvette Felarca (or is it Yvonne Felarca?) has proclaimed that violence against right-wingers is “not a crime.” Looks like the legal system more or less agrees.

Via Berkeleyside:

Under a plea agreement, the Sacramento District Attorney is set to dismiss a case against Berkeley teacher Yvette Felarca and two co-defendants related to a neo-Nazi rally and counter-protest more than three years ago.

Felarca and two other activists were scheduled to go to trial Thursday over felony assault charges and misdemeanor rioting charges, but left the morning court hearing, in front of Judge Richard Sueyoshi, with only a community service requirement and stay-away order.

For assault and rioting, she has to do 90 hours of community service before taking part in protests and stay away from Sacramento. If she behaves herself, the case will be dismissed after 18 months.

They might not have been so hard on her, except there was actual video of her assaulting an alleged neo-Nazi.

Felarca is associated with the violent Antifa sect BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), which in turn is associated with NAMBLA. She says she is now back to teaching full time. No doubt the kids are learning some very woke lessons.

A local media account from 2016

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