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Dec 17 2018

Antifa Vermin Attack Marines

While a former Green Beret is charged with murder for killing a terrorist in Afghanistan, other members of the armed forces face the enemy within closer to home. An Antifa mob looking for blood at a patriotic “We the People” rally in Philadelphia on November 17 happened upon two Marines, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres. The case has now gone to court:

The Marines, who are not from the Philadelphia area, said that they had traveled to the city with other members of their helicopter unit, headquartered at Fort Dix, to attend a Marine event that night at a local hotel ballroom. They said that they had no knowledge of the nearby rally…

According to the Marines’ testimony, they were touring historical landmarks near Front and Chestnut streets when suspect Thomas Keenan approached them. Godinez testified that Keenan asked them “Are you proud?,” to which Godinez remembers responding “We are Marines.” Torres said that he remembers Keenan asking “Are you Proud Boys?,” an allusion to one of the alt-right groups behind the rally, and one that Torres said he didn’t understand. “I didn’t know what Proud Boys meant,” he said.

About a dozen Antifa moonbats then attacked while calling the Marines “Nazis” and “white supremacists.” When Godinez objected that he is Mexican, the moonbats switched to “spic” and “wetback.”

Godinez testified that he was maced at least six times, hit in the head, and kicked in the ribs, and he said that while he was being “stomped,” members of the group … chanted “f*** him up” over and over again.

Maybe it is for the best that Godinez and Torres were too overwhelmingly outnumbered to effectively fight back. That may have resulted in their arrest, if Philadelphia is anything like New York.

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