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Sep 07 2022


Racism is so ubiquitous in contemporary society that we take it for granted. It forms the basis of our state religion, public and private hiring policies, and the attitudes of the mainstream establishment.

To prevent pushback against its unfairness, the racism is flipped upside down. The gullible are gaslighted into believing, and the weak are bullied into pretending to believe, that the single racial group designated to be hated deserves scorn on the grounds that it is racist. This strategy has been effective despite its inherent hypocrisy.

You will be set upon by social media mobs for saying, “It’s okay to be white.” Meanwhile, Twitter is neck deep in this:

If you want to experience a world without whites, try drinking the water in Jackson, Mississippi or Flint, Michigan. But where there should be gratitude and emulation, there are only grunts of resentment.

Worst of all, their depraved ideology has caused white liberals to internalize this race hate.

Mark Dice makes the case for introducing the term “antiwhiteism” to describe the form that racism almost invariably takes nowadays:

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