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Apr 05 2020

AOC Amps Up the Craziness

Entertainment celebrities have been struggling desperately for attention during the Wuhan coronavirus panic, but far-left congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not have this problem. AOC’s profile is more prominent than ever as she distances herself from the sinking Bernie Sanders to position herself as the true Future of the Democrat Party.

AOCs stays at the center of the spotlight by barking moonbattery so insane that it stands out even amid a cacophony of barking moonbats.

For example, here’s why coronavirus relief funds should be diverted to illegal aliens:

“Undocumented people pay billions of dollars in taxes every year. We send our kids to public school on the taxes that undocumented people pay,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Illegal aliens finance public schools. How generous of them.

Critics of these kinds of claims point out that although illegal aliens do indeed pay taxes in various forms, they also place an enormous burden on social services, with some estimates running into more than $100 billion per year.

These critics are of course racists and xenophobes.

AOC squeaks that Republicans are responsible for coronavirus deaths, supporting the assertion with a cascade of crapola:

This from the woman who not long ago squeaked that it was racist not to “patron” Chinese restaurants. This from the party that considered it “xenophobic fearmongering” to limit travel from China.

You want to see incompetence that may have increased COVID-19 casualties? Check out this Democrat supercut:

No matter how far she has pushed the envelope, she follows up by pushing it further still. Now she claims that in light of the pandemic, American taxpayers should be forced to hand direct cash payments to Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation because of environmental racism:

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for coronavirus “reparations” for black and brown people, claiming that “environmental racism” is an “underlying health condition.”

Even AOC will have a hard time topping herself after this:

Environmental racism. How can you argue against concepts that make no sense?

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