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May 23 2019

AOC Denounces Cauliflower as Colonial

Normally, moonbats want us to eat vegetables. We are told that we must replace meat with them, in order to improve the weather. But not all vegetables are good.

After “racist,” the ultimate pejorative among progressives is “colonial”; it refers to the spread of that which they most hate: Western Civilization. Now we learn from font of knowledge Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that cauliflower is colonial:

Ocasio-Cortez said Sunday that growing cauliflower in community gardens is part of the “colonial” attitudes that her Green New Deal will stamp out.

Community gardens are a “core component” of her Khmer Rouge style proposal to radically restructure society under the pretense that this will somehow prevent the climate from continuing to fluctuate the way it always has. But just as air travel and fossil fuels must be eradicated, so must cauliflower.

Evidently, white people eat cauliflower. Therefore, it is bad and makes the climate angry. We must grow yucca instead.

See for yourself what we are ruled by thanks to moonbattery:

Nonwhites are “naturally attuned to live in an environmentally conscious way.” That’s why you don’t see any pollution in places like Africa.

Not white people though. They screw everything up with their colonial cauliflower.

It was also interesting to learn that AOC’s relatives in Puerrrrto Rrrrico live off the land. I had assumed they mostly live off welfare financed by US taxpayers.

On tips from Kate P and demoKKKrat RACIST *STILL* GOV.

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