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Apr 20 2019

AOC Doubles Down on Green New Deal

Despite the cascades of ridicule, despite it not winning a single vote in the Senate, despite it revealing the Democrats as the party of maniacs in the tradition of the Khmer Rouge, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still has not given up on the apocalyptic Green New Deal. WARNING: the video below may diminish IQ and/or induce uncontrollable vomiting in those who have not developed a high tolerance to moonbattery.

There you have it; only a sinister capitalist conspiracy could explain resistance to the leftist plan to cripple the economy and plunge us into a subsistence level existence under an all-powerful oligarchical collectivist regime.

Imagine being ruled by people who actually believe this B.S., or who are wicked enough to pretend to believe it. AOC is literally too stupid to understand that planting mangroves is not going to generate as much wealth as distributing oil. Dems who are not cognitively disabled know that the Green New Deal would be an economic death blow and a prescription for mass starvation; they back it anyway.

Coal country responds:

Hat tip: Conservative Tribune.

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