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Apr 17 2019

AOC Moves to Cash In on Being a Star

The media has made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a star. You can hardly blame her for wanting to cash in by hiring a pricey Hollyweird talent agency and pursuing a book deal:

Ocasio-Cortez retained the talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and held meetings earlier this year about potentially writing a book, the Daily Beast reported.

CAA can’t be cheap; it “reportedly represents the likes of George Clooney, Emma Watson, and Brad Pitt.” Just last fall, OAC whimpered that she could not afford an apartment in DC. She must expect a big return on her investment.

The book deal has fallen through for now. This is too bad, because as her dear friend and fellow personification of what the Democrat Party has become Ilhan Omar would say, it’s all about the Benjamins.

Speaking of the allegedly put-upon Ilhan Omar,

Rep. Ilhan Omar, a freshman Democratic lawmaker from Minnesota who’s facing multiple controversies, entered a book deal worth up to $250,000, though the exact figure remains unclear, before officially becoming a congresswoman, Forbes reported.

That’s plenty of Benjamins.

When AOC and Omar monetize their infamy to make their fortunes, will they volunteer to pay the tax rates they would like to inflict on the rest of us? Doubtful. More likely, they will follow the lucrative example of AOC’s fellow Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. When asked why he took advantage of the Trump tax cuts that he wants to repeal in favor of vastly higher taxes, Bernie sneered, “Pfft, come on. I paid the taxes that I owe.”

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