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Feb 11 2019

AOC’s Chief of Staff Is Fan of Nazi Ally

Incredibly enough, Robert Hockett may not be the most malevolently demented advisor doing the thinking for the cognitively disabled Marxist marionette Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Check out the t-shirt proudly worn by her chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti:

The face on the t-shirt belongs to Subhas Chandra Bose. Liberty Nation provides some background:

• Bose was an ally of Adolf Hitler and met with him personally in 1942.
• Bose founded the Free India Legion (FIL) made up of troops captured by Nazi Field Marshal Rommel’s Afrika Korps.
• The FIL swore an oath to Hitler and was under SS command.
• Bose teamed up with the Japanese in 1943.
• Bose was an admirer of the USSR and sought to implement its authoritarian practices in India.

Let’s see if we can trust Wikipedia to tell us more about the Free India Legion:

Intended to serve as a liberation force for British-ruled India, it was made up of Indian prisoners of war and expatriates in Europe. … Initially raised as part of the German Army, it was officially assigned to the Waffen-SS from August 1944. Indian independence leader Subhas Chandra Bose initiated the legion’s formation, as part of his efforts to win India’s independence by waging war against Britain, when he came to Berlin in 1941 seeking German aid. The initial recruits in 1941 were volunteers from the Indian students resident in Germany at the time, and a handful of the Indian prisoners of war who had been captured during the North Africa Campaign. It would later draw a larger number of Indian prisoners of war as volunteers. …

They saw action in the retreat from the Allied advance across France, fighting mostly against the French Resistance. One company was sent to Italy in 1944, where it saw action against British and Polish troops and undertook anti-partisan operations.

Indian citizens were British subjects at the time. But in the aftermath of the war, their trials for treason were left uncompleted for political reasons. Already treason had become an underpunished offense.

Imagine if a Republican chief of staff appeared in public wearing a Nazi ally shirt. You would need to wear safety goggles to keep from being blinded by flying skull fragments from all the exploding heads in the media. But Bose was an enemy of British colonialism, so he is okay with moonbats. Recall that an unhinged hatred of British colonialism formed the core of Barack Obama’s ideology. This hatred has outlived the British Empire by evolving into antineocolonialism, which mainly manifests itself as opposition to American influence.

Chakrabarti is on Politico’s Power List, which “highlights politicians, activists and operatives across the country who are positioned to play a critical role in the political landscape leading up to 2020.” His Justice Democrats PAC helped put AOC in power.

It isn’t easy to take AOC seriously, given that she is so conspicuously flaky and dumb. That could be why she was chosen as a vehicle by people we need to take very seriously. We might drop our guard for an idiot clown; that makes an idiot clown guided by hardcore political extremists all the more dangerous.

On a tip from Byron.

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