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Feb 24 2014

AP, New York Times Ignore FCC Attack on Freedom of the Press

Shine a light on even the most aggressive rats and they will retreat to their hidey-holes — for now. The FCC has suspended its outrageously intrusive Critical Information Needs program, which means the bureaurats are pulling back on it until the publicity dies down, at which point they will push forward again. That publicity was conspicuously lacking from certain key corners. This time the light was shined upon not only the rat, but its enablers. As NewsBusters reported Friday:

On Thursday, Kyle Drennen at NewsBusters noted that none of the three broadcast networks had covered the intent of the Federal Communications Commission, in the words of Byron York at the Washington Examiner, to “send government contractors into the nation’s newsrooms to determine whether journalists are producing articles, television reports, Internet content, and commentary that meets the public’s ‘critical information needs.'”

Given that the nets take many of their new prioritization cues from the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, and to a lesser extent from the New York Times, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that searches at the self-described “essential global news network” and at the Old Gray Lady indicate that neither outlet has covered it.

This is why we need alternative information sources of the type CIN appears intended to eradicate. You cannot rely on the central pillars of the information establishment to report anything that does not advance the hard left agenda.

It isn’t that AP and the New York Times are willing to feed the crocodile in hopes that it will eat them last. The AP and the New York Times are the crocodile. The federal government is effectively an extension of the radically liberal media establishment, which does not exist to inform but to control.

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8 Responses to “AP, New York Times Ignore FCC Attack on Freedom of the Press”

  1. Otto says:

    “The federal government is effectively an extension of the radically liberal media establishment, which does not exist to inform but to control.”

    I’ve never thought about it in quite those terms before, but I think you’re onto something there. I have been thinking the media an extension of the party in government, perhaps the government is an extension of the media.

  2. 762x51 says:

    As the late Paul Harvey would say, “and now . . . the rest of the story”.

    In the old Soviet Union, companies, military units, unions, etc. were kept in line by the presence of a “political Officer” The news media monitors would fill that function quite nicely allowing the Ministry of Truth to directly dictate the news in every market.

    Anyone doubting the endgame of Comrade Chairman Obama’s Polit Bureau should look at the company who would be providing the political officers who would ultimately control the content of news. It is a Maryland based company called Social Solutions International. They have a background, not in MEDIA, but in women’s health, HIV/AIDS, immigrant health and substance abuse. However they are qualified for this so called “study” because the company stresses the values of “diversity” and “social responsibility” and says in its mission statement that its goal is to “improve the welfare of underserved populations worldwide.”.

    Clearly they would be doing this for the children.

    What could go wrong?

  3. 762x51 says:

    By the way, this “study” is not dead. The criminals in the government are just redoing it. They will repackage the same steaming pile in a different blister pack and sell it again.

    That is how Progressives operate. Like their allies the Islamic terrorists, they never give up. They just go into hiding and strike again at a later time when they think you aren’t watching.

  4. Son of Taz says:

    The old media didn’t mention this because it won’t affect them. This abomination is aimed at Fox and conservative talk radio.

    The saying about the frog in warm water really is coming true. Time the frog learns to shoot back.

  5. NorcalJim says:

    I’m not surprised that the Times downplays this, their boy got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, quickly withdrew and with that Disneyesque ‘ear to ear’ smile, acts like nothing happened … American men, I know how unappealing a personal involvement is, but Conservative patriots are going to have to get their hands dirty or be overrun by a corrupt, lying and evil monster in the liberal media and this administration, and of course, the Demonic party.

    Thomas Jefferson was not kidding when he said:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    What time is it?

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obama is a Communists their no doupt of that

  7. KHarn says:

    Early in the Nazi era, the German government had a “stamp of approval” for all magazines, newspapers, books and pamphlets. The publishers were told that having the stamp on their product was “not required”, but if they DIDN’T have the stamp, they could not sell, trade, distribute or give it away.

    Clever, huh?

    Like Dr. Frankenstein, the monster the socialist media has created will destroy them.

  8. Albrecht says:

    No surprise here. MSM lick-spittles are already quite used to toeing the government line. Having Federal watch dogs in the news room will just ensure that government press releases reach the public in an even purer form than they already do. One less thing for the editors of our “newspaper of record” to worry about.

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