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May 17 2018

Appalling Restroom Access Incident at Tim Hortons

Starbucks got in big trouble when it denied restroom access to a pair of troublemakers of politically preferred pigmentation who refused to make a purchase. Now the policy has changed and anyone can use the restroom at Starbucks, although paying customers are advised to stay out because it is likely to get pretty nasty in there. Tim Hortons restaurants may also review their policy after a woman who was denied restroom access in Langley, British Columbia did her business right there on the floor, then picked up her creation and flung it at employees:

“Our current understanding is that the team member used their discretion in this case and denied access to this guest based on past behaviour and out of concern for the immediate safety of team members and guests in the restaurant. As matters escalated, the Team Member contacted local authorities for assistance,” Tim Hortons said in a statement.

Next time this customer ought to take her business — and do her business — at Starbucks, where all are invited to use the restroom, local management no longer being in a position to exercise discretion.

Warning — somewhat graphic and highly tasteless:

Civilization is breaking down.

On tips from Dan F and Stormfax.

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