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Oct 03 2019

Apple Sides With ChiComs vs Hong Kong Protesters

If hard tyranny comes to America, Big Tech will be happy to help implement it, so long as it comes from the left — and it will. Guess which side Apple takes in the struggle between communist tyrants and pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong:

Apple has banned an app that allows people in Hong Kong to keep track of protests and police activity in the city state, claiming such information is illegal.

“Your app contains content – or facilitates, enables, and encourages an activity – that is not legal … specifically, the app allowed users to evade law enforcement,” the American tech giant told makers of the HKmap Live on Tuesday before pulling it.

The makers, and many others, have taken exception to that argument, by pointing out that the app only allows people to note locations – as many countless thousands of other apps do – and so under the same logic, apps such as driving app Waze should also be banned.

Critics of Apple fail to get into the spirit of totalitarianism. Technically violating some law is not the crime. The crime is having the wrong attitude. That’s what you get punished for.

The ChiComs have started using live ammunition on the protesters. Too bad iPhone users won’t be able to use HKmap Live to avoid dangerous hotspots.

Apple has previously demonstrated a remarkable willingness to assist the communist regime in its oppression of the Chinese people.

On a tip from Zack VC.

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