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Sep 18 2019

AquaBounty vs RINO Murkowski

Capitalism truly works miracles. Look what a company called AquaBounty has accomplished, motivated by enlightened self-interest to meet public demands:

AquaBounty worked for more than 20 years to obtain regulatory approval for its fish, which are modified to grow twice as fast as regular Atlantic salmon, while consuming less feed. The Food and Drug Administration ruled in 2015 that the fish are “safe to eat” and “as nutritious” as other Atlantic salmon. FDA also found “no biologically relevant” nutritional differences between GM and conventional salmon.

However, what the free market bestows, Big Government snatches away. RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has been blocking AquaBounty for years.

Murkowski now plans a rider that would require “a label comprehension study” before fish can be sold. Such reviews are usually reserved for pharmaceutical drugs, can take years, and in this case would require the destruction of AquaBounty’s fish, as well as many jobs.

Presumably she is doing this to protect Alaska’s salmon industry from free market competition. However:

The West Coast’s Pacific salmon industry comes nowhere close to meeting annual U.S. salmon demand. More than 90% of Atlantic salmon currently sold in the U.S. are imported from the likes of Norway and Chile.

Murkowski justifies her protectionism with the same Luddite rhetoric we get from granola-munching moonbats regarding the imaginary hazards of GM foods, as if they were some alien novelty.

In reality, 80% of US processed food may contain ingredients from genetically modified crops. Crops and livestock have been selectively bred for centuries to produce a similar effect. The food at the grocery store is much more appetizing and abundant than the scraggly stuff struggling to survive out in the wilderness — something else moonbats would like to change in the name of their lunatic ideology.

RINOs like Murkowski are not above exploiting this ideology to justify their pernicious opposition to economic freedom.

On a tip from Varla.

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