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Dec 18 2011

Arab Spring

Arab springtime in Egypt, via Drudge:


This is what our government dumped our ally for in Egypt.

18 Responses to “Arab Spring”

  1. gorgo says:

    As long as anal sodomy is allowed in Egypt (and it will be, despite sharia), leftists are OK with women being stomped. Have to break a few eggs to get that big hairy man ass omelet.

  2. AC says:

    Breasts are un-Islamic.

  3. Kardinal says:

    I can’t help but be skeptical of a regime when their “cops” wear sneakers with BDUs and stomp on women.

  4. Grunt says:

    (Dangit! I left out a letter on my e-mail. Please delete the mistaken post.)

    Ahh, but that’s the cincher. It’s only homosexual sin for the receiver who takes it in the butt…the man hiding the salami isn’t sinning. Also, a young, beardless boy is not considered a man, and therefore, having sex with prepubescent boys is also outside of the realm of sin, as the boy, not being a man, carries no sin, and the molester (let’s call it for what it is)–pedarast–isn’t under fault of sin, either.

    My Christ, Mohammed was a pig of a man…his followers are living to be perfect clones of him–and are pigs, too.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Thank you Mr. Hillary Clinton and Barry Soetoro!

  6. Grunt says:

    It’s true, Kardinal…only in Islam will you see a kid who can’t afford a two dollar pair of sandals running around with a $1,700.00 Gun strapped over his back, and all the ammo he needs.

    Let’s not forget, too, that wiping their fecal-crusted rump with a bare left hand is Halal, but touching bacon or a woman is disgusting to them. This “religion” is SO much more acceptable than that awful Christianity, with its messages of love, compassion, forgiveness and patience.

    Why, as we all know the Christian’s Jeezus ran around spreading love and healing the sick, where as Mohammed (piss be upon him, may he wade through a river if sh*t and chicharrones, and the chicharrones get all up in his robes) ran around spreading lice and raping children of either gender and sucking little boy tongues (an other parts).

    The choice is clear for the Lefties, isn’t it?

  7. chuck in st paul says:

    Remember… Special Ed said all this began in Wisconsin. Darn Cheezeheads.

  8. Secret Squirrel says:

    How about this is what OWS would look like in the US and elsewhere if they came to power. Have to bare the 1% breasts and stomp them too you know. Guess that would be the mentality of the pack animals of the OWS.

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  10. Lee says:

    The Egyptian military and police establishment that is perpetrating this violence are the ones that have been cozy with our government for decades. What you see here (and much-much worse) has spanned many US administrations – no one cared until it became something that they could pin on Obama.

  11. Eric says:

    Someone (everyone) needs to (re)read Dante Alighieri’s Devine Comedy, and find the truths about “mohammed” from the epic poem written in 1300AD. Or more simply, just wiki the illiterate, pedophilic, rapist, thief, beggar, sodomist, bastard.

    In the words of ‘mohammed’ himself, “Now mark how I do rip me: lo! How is Mohammed mangled: before me walks Ali weeping,”; (taken from the words of Dante, Devine Comedy canto XXVIII)(a bit of reference for this story, )

    People, read the damn books that were written 700 years ago, about islam, the religion of satan.

  12. Jock says:

    A cop abusing his authority and assaulting a female protester?

    Who does he think he is – Lieutenant John Pike?

  13. John Lewis says:

    Poor Hosni Mubarak was a mild dictator and relatively benign autocrat, and kept the lid on a lot of evil, which is now oozing out.

  14. OnlySaneMan says:

    You realize that the Egypt public is also protesting this military dictatorship, right?

  15. Apostle53 says:

    Islam is Anti-christ as well is Socialism, Hillary and her boss. Islam is evil, the picture proves it. Feminists, like Mrs. Clinton, who support Islam are stupid.

  16. Paulster says:

    I can’t help wondering: Where is Amnesty International?

    Oh! (slap my own forehead) I forgot. They are still too busy wringing their hands over the brutal treatment meted out to those poor men in Guantanamo Bay. Also weeping alligator tears over Abu Graib. Silly me!

  17. Cameraman says:

    What a bunch of Brave assholes..Beating women with clubs..How the left must be Proud of their Accomplishments and getting the Muslim Bros in Power!
    Cowards All!!!

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