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Feb 26 2014

Arizona’s SB 1062

As if I needed another reason not to give a hoot in hell which gang of grunting thugs prevails on the gridiron, the NFL has cravenly pandered to the liberal establishment by threatening to take next year’s Super Bowl out of Arizona in the unlikely event that Governor Jan Brewer has enough spine to defend liberty from that same establishment’s relentless assault.

Lest anyone take the media’s presentation of the SB 1062 conflict at face value, let it be known that the issue is not sexual deviancy. Homosexuals, whom the herd has been brainwashed into revering as sacred victims, are merely tools the liberal establishment is exploiting to eradicate the last traces of liberty in American society. Have a look at the bill, and see if you can find where it refers to gays.

The real issue is whether we are able to interact with each other on a voluntary basis, or whether all business relations are to be mediated by the government in accordance with its ideological agenda.

If you are not able to choose who you do business with, then you are not running your own business; you are running the government’s business. Your objectives do not matter; only the government’s objectives are relevant. You are a slave.

The underlying principle of the government asserting the authority to forbid businesses from refusing service for their own reasons is fundamentally unjust. You can tell by how selectively it must be applied.

If the KKK decided to make things unpleasant for a black photographer by demanding that he photograph a cross burning, and tried to sue when he refused, they would be laughed out of court. But liberal-dominated courts will jump on every opportunity to put the screws to Christians, as when a court ruled that a Christian photographer in New Mexico must photograph ceremonies that she regards as morally repugnant. Militant homosexuals may actually seek out businesses owned by serious Christians, so as to rub tyranny in their faces and force them to betray their religious faith as in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado.

Why is the promotion of homosexuality suddenly so important to the government–media establishment? Because it is a means to an end.

There is more at stake here even than our right to run our own businesses as we please, in accordance with our own values. The Christian religion has historically been a major obstacle to tyranny. An obvious example is the Catholic Church’s resistance to communist rule in Poland. This is why statists are reflexively hostile to Christians.

Our ruling class would ban Christianity this instant if they thought that would fly. But it wouldn’t, so they take the more insidious approach of requiring Christians to effectively renounce their own faith in the name of “tolerance.”

Yet even when ministers start losing their churches for refusing to make a mockery of their faith by presiding over blasphemous homosexual “marriages,” the drooling cretins comprising the herd will still think this is about protecting put-upon perverts from oppression.

Then, when gays have served their purpose, they will be dumped back into irrelevance, as our rulers seize upon a new identity group to exploit.

Gay Fascism

On tips from Laurie, DJ, and Artfldgr.

23 Responses to “Arizona’s SB 1062”

  1. Xavier says:

    Someone needs to start calling hotels and convention centers in San Fran and identify themselves as a trip coordinator for several radical Tea Party groups that need accommodations while having protests and marches in the area.

  2. IslandLifer says:

    Evan Mecham comes to mind.

  3. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Arizona: Hell with cacti. 👿

  4. cowboy chris says:

    Radical Tea Party Group is an oxymoron! Only to a liberal is small government a radical idea.

  5. ThisObamaNation says:

    Actor, Sworn Law Enforcement Officer, And High Ranking Buddhist Aikido Master, Steven Seagal, Breaks His Silence About President Barack Obama’s Disturbing Record Of Abuse Of Power.

    Steven Seagal States That If The Truth Comes Out About Obama’s Role In The Benghazi Attack, That Obama Will Not Make It To The End Of His Term As POTUS Without Being Impeached.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    A total boycott of San Francisco

  7. Laurie says:


    News flash! We have proof of Hussein Obama’s “laser-like focus” on jobs, jobs, jobs. The only reason we didn’t notice any job growth is because we were looking in the wrong sector – that of Americans.

    We should have been looking elsewhere: Hussein Obama has cut the fines for American businesses hiring illegals:

    In other words, hiring illegals is much more profitable than hiring a legal American. So that’s who have the jobs – illegals!

    Gee…you would think, with unemployment for black teenagers at 38%, that the black (ahem) “leaders” might be screaming about this. But I guess they have more important things to do….like scream about Arizona’s SB 1062. Because queers can vote, and teenagers can’t.

    You know…I don’t know what it’s going to take to cause the American People revolt just like in the Ukraine, but I sure hope that day comes soon. Because these gross transgressions of the law (and the lack of action by any republicans or law officers) are pissing me off royally, and something needs to be done.


  8. Kevin R. says:

    There is more at stake here even than our right to run our own businesses as we please, in accordance with our own values. The Christian religion has historically been a major obstacle to tyranny.

    And property rights and freedom of association are two of the cornerstones of civilization. Without them and the rule of law, natural rights, we will lose civilization itself.

    In todays world, thanks to the rise of collectivism and statism, most people though they live in the crumbling remains of it, have yet to discover civilization.

  9. 762x51 says:

    “hahah says:
    February 26, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Xavier –

    You know that zero teabillies can afford to go to San Francisco. Plus there’s the “it would be a completely wasted effort and people would just laugh at you” part…

    Nope, you people are actively lobbying and legislating to stay in your ever-smaller little circle of like-minded simpletons. The AZ bill is proof of that – you can’t just shut up and be what you want to be, you have to legislate that you get to be “special” and be allowed to actively discriminate against anyone who isn’t in the Stupid Bubble.

    This is why people laugh at you.”

    Not true jackhole. Many of us are preparing for all out total war against you totalitarian Marxist scum.

    We know that you filth cannot be bargained with or reasoned with so further conversation is pointless. Ridding the Earth of turds like you will be a public service. Laugh all you want, no one but RINO’s care what you think of them.

    Assholes like you just can’t stand it when you cannot dictate the every day details of American life. If gays want to get married go for but you will NEVER force us to accept you. Going to another store that WILL bake you a wedding cake never occurred to you in the libtard Stupid Bubble. It’s called the free market but cultural Marxists like you don’t believe in that.

    I will not comply with your laws or fund your agenda, or recognize your authority and I will never surrender. That is why your leadership, like Bill Ayers, has planned for 30 years to force those of us you cannot intimidate into extermination camps in the south west. When you get around to coming for me come early and wear armor, it’s going to be a long day. Not that a coward like would come personally which is why you have been militarizing the police and arming non-law enforcement agencies like the National Weather Service, Comrade Obama’s private army of Progressive brown shirts.

    I have no interest in compromising with you or even hearing what you have to say. I’ll see you on the battlefield, but you won’t see me.

  10. Marylou says:

    Dave, this has got to be your most incisive editorial ever. I just linked to it from both my blog and my Facebook page. If you ever decide to run for president, give your readers a holler!

  11. Dave Blount says:

    Thanks Marylou, you’re too kind!

  12. Dave Blount says:

    The banned troll was deleted yet again.

  13. Mr. X says:

    Actually, destroying the NFL with its traditionally conservative values has been on the progressive agenda for a few years now. First it was concussions and the oddly grave concern demonstrated by the left for a pastime that they really didn’t give a crap about. The inevitable plethora of lawsuits soon followed. Then bullying and now it’s gay, gay, gay all the time.

    They did it to the military, a lot of protestant denominations, the Boy Scouts and dozens of other once-conservative institutions. Now their focused on the NFL and it’s a two-fer – the Catholic church and the NFL.

    But like you said Dave, it will be like the gays, when their utility is all used up, they’ll go back to not giving a crap about the sport and it will just fade into to oblivion.

  14. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Good one, Dave.

  15. nurenberg laws says:

    I hope janbo signs bill in a democracy you get the kind of government you deserve! And arizona richly deserves what it should get! The people of arizona deserve what they are going to get. They arrested hunger strikers in phoenix last night saying they don’t want any martyers as they might get shot by extremists.

  16. DJ says:

    Ditto to Pegon, and Marylou.

    Excellent work as always, Dave.

  17. IslandLifer says:

    She vetoed it.

  18. Laurie says:


    In response to “nurenberg laws”: Being a resident of Arizona I can safely say that yes, we have what we deserve…and we like it!

    We have a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature. As a result of their policies:

    1. Arizona is the #1 state for entrepreneurs, as voted by the libs’ beloved CNN.

    2. Arizona is also #1 for new job growth:

    And what do we see in California, land of happy homos actively flaunting their “activities” in public, and illegal aliens sucking up the government services?

    * $640 BILLION in unfunded state debt.
    * State bonds below junk-bond status (nobody buying the debt).
    * $7.7 BILLION spent every year on educating illegal aliens’ kids.
    * Rampant AIDS.
    * Draconian laws in cities like San Francisco where PEOPLE ARE PAID TO GO THROUGH YOUR GARBAGE AND FINE YOU IF YOU DON’T SORT IT “PROPERLY”.
    * Four cities bankrupt (Vallejo, Stockton, and two others).
    * And massive race riots between blacks and Mexicans in SoCal high schools.

    So tell us again, liberal, why should we follow California’s example? We get what we deserve in Arizona all right: safe streets, safe schools, low taxes, and a budget surplus in the state government.

    So stop looking at Arizona and focus your attention on fixing your own problems. Oh wait….that’s not the liberal way. Well then, just keep ignoring your own problems. Hopefully your mommy will solve them for you.


  19. Sweep the leg says:

    It’s a bit amusing to see people finally waking up to the ideas of “private property” and “freedom of association”

    We gladly gave those up for a worthless race back in the 60’s, and have been celebrating the civil rights victory and saint Mike King ever since.

    Now, when homosexuals are the problem, we decide to fight? Yeah, a little too late…

    Don’t get me wrong. Homosexuality is a severe mental disorder and should never have been “normalized” and celebrated. But seriously, after letting blacks pave the way, what did everyone think would happen?

    As for the cucking funt Jan Brewer, may she rot in hell. As a resident of AZ, I am outraged that the will of the people, and basic sense, have once again been thrown under the bus, to try to placate a group that will NEVER be satisfied-just like blacks will NEVER be satisfied.

    Brewer, McCain, Flake, Mittens, Kyl – the list is endless – are the reasons I will not vote again. The whole thing is a sick, rigged, game, with BOTH sides simply the other side of the same coin. Voting is an official farce…

    Dave, this was the best editorial you have ever presented. God bless you…

  20. bcAz says:

    Idea…business owners, perform the services for any homosexuals that target you. Then
    from the money you receive from said customers,
    donate the amount, or a portion of the
    amount to a church, or pro-family group,
    and frame a picture of the donating “couple” and place
    the picture on a wall. State that this couple
    has been gracious enough to use our business, and a portion of funds to …… Sound like a good idea?

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  22. Jester says:

    Lucky for gays that Muslims don’t run wedding cake bakeries… yet.

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