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Sep 20 2019

Armed Woman Tops Criminal With Baseball Bat

The rules go like this: rock tops scissors, scissors tops paper, paper tops rock, criminal with baseball bat tops unarmed woman, armed woman tops criminal with baseball bat.

That last part was recently confirmed at the Showboat Drive-in theater in Hockley Texas:

[T]wo [female] managers were finishing up their shift when they spotted some motion inside the concession stand.

One of them checked out the noise and was confronted by two men.

One of the suspects pulled out a bat and started beating the manager, while the other suspect ran.

The second suspect may have been armed with a knife. Yet running away was a good move.

The manager reportedly pulled out a gun and shot and killed the man who was beating her.

Nice work, ma’am. Too bad a certain woman in Las Vegas was caught unprepared; a woman with a gun tops a criminal with a sledgehammer too.

Unfortunately, a criminal with the sympathy of the liberal establishment tops a law-abiding citizen who has been disarmed by Big Government.

On a tip from Kate P.

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