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Jul 27 2020

As Virus Rages in California, San Francisco Loosens Restrictions on Sex Clubs

Texas, Florida, and Arizona get more press because they have Republican governors, but the Chinese virus has also been raging full force in California. Last Thursday the erstwhile Golden State set a new daily high of 157 Kung Flu deaths. That was surpassed with 159 deaths the next day. Let’s see how the liberals running San Francisco address the crisis:

On July 21, by unanimous vote, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance to amend the city’s existing health code to do away with two rules for sex clubs. These rules were put in place in 1984 at the height of the AIDS crisis. One was a requirement that the clubs could no longer have private rooms or locked doors in areas reserved for sex. The other was that management had to monitor sexual activity.

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman says this will help the economy. He might be right, considering that hospitals have received extra federal money for COVID-19 cases.

[T]he clerk reading out the wording of the proposed ordinance could not stop herself from giggling as she read about the new requirement to stop monitoring patron’s sexual activities.

Liberal rule of our major cities is a joke, all right. But not a very funny one. The restrictions were put in place because San Francisco bathhouses were infamous for spreading AIDS.

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