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Mar 27 2012

As With Duke Lacrosse Case, Trayvon Martin Truth Begins to Emerge

We learned at least one thing from the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax: never believe the liberal narrative. Despite the spin, the truth is coming to light regarding George Zimmerman’s highly justified shooting of the violent punk Trayvon Martin:

“With a single punch,” the Orlando Sentinel, citing police sources, reported Monday, “Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer … climbed on top of [him] and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times, leaving him bloody and battered.”

“That is the account Zimmerman gave police,” the paper said, “and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say.”

Martin’s use of social media provides insight into the true nature of the liberal elite’s darling little victim:

As Dan Linehan, a blogger at, pointed out, correspondence with Martin on Twitter before he died alludes to an incident with a bus driver. “Yu ain’t tell me you swung on a bus driver,” Martin’s cousin wrote to him on Feb. 21.

The same week, Martin was suspended for 10 days from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in North Miami-Dade.

That time it was for drugs. Last fall, he was suspended for vandalism. School officials also found him in possession of evidently stolen jewelry and burglary tools. His apparent penchant for burglary would explain his behaving in a way that attracted the attention of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

Here’s an example of what the angelic Trayvon, or NO_LIMIT_NIGGA as he liked to call himself, left behind on Twitter:

Calling himself a “nigga” implies gang membership.

On tips from AC, Bob Roberts, J, Dr. 9, Shawn, and Mr. X. Hat tip: Sad Hill News.

37 Responses to “As With Duke Lacrosse Case, Trayvon Martin Truth Begins to Emerge”

  1. SR says:

    The Media’s new little darling is a Tookie want a be.

  2. SR says:

    Excuse me, was a Tookie want a be.

  3. SR says:

    Idiot Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address of George Zimmerman. A woman named Elaine lives at that location.

  4. IslandLifer says:

    Yup, that’s Soetoros boy alright!!! Dead as dust now. They are all like this. It’s the culture I was talking about. Until they wake up they will always be hated by me. They should look to Bryant, former head of the NAACP, and listen to what this man has to tell them. Now he is a a black man I respect and admire!

  5. Gunny G says:

    THANK YOU MR. ZIMMERMAN for removing a pos from our society BEFORE he started costing us money in trial costs, welfare costs, prison costs, costs to victims, etc.

  6. Mattius Maximus says:

    But he was oppressed and it wasn’t his fault. The White/Hispanic man made him do it. We should all feel bad for Trayvon because he had such a bright and shiny future ahead of him. LOL!!! What a joke. Good riddance.

  7. Chaco says:

    Poor “No Limit Nigga”, such atrocious spelling. I doubt that he mastered the King’s language.

  8. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Chaco, tut, it’s the Queen’s English.

  9. Reiuxcat says:

    Lao? Lao?

    Anyone seen Lao?

    Well, the White/African American president has a handle on things I’m sure. (Well, Anne was white)

  10. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    So when is Eric Holder, Attorney General going to arrest elements of the New Black Panther Party for soliciting kidnapping, soliciting murder, inciting mob violence and violating Zimmerman’s civil rights?

    Is the NBPP running the DOJ now?

  11. Mr. X says:


    Just learned today that that picture of the “Made Nigga” is in fact NOT Trayvon Martin.

    As per Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy staff:

  12. StanInTexas says:

    Hail, what do you mean NOW???

    Holder takes his orders from the Panthers, and he has protected them every step of the way. After all, they are HIS PEOPLE!

  13. Bob Roberts says:

    Pretty funny… I logged in and was going to make a post comparing this matter to the Duke Lacrosse case but Blount (and others, I see in various online news outlets) beat me to it!

    Ya snooze, ya lose!

    Oh well.

  14. Bob Roberts says:

    IslandLifer says: March 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm
    They are all like this. It’s the culture I was talking about.
    No, in fact “they” are not “all like this”.

    A disturbing number are, I’ll grant you that much, but you’re DEAD WRONG to claim they ALL are.

    You really need to get with the program. In fact, it seems you know this, as you pointed out:

    They should look to Bryant, former head of the NAACP, and listen to what this man has to tell them. Now he is a a black man I respect and admire!

  15. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Stan I think he was at best sympathetic to them during the election, protecting them as “his people.” But now if there’s no substantive attempt to prosecute them for putting a bounty on a citizen, he’s a priori on their payroll and vice versa.


  16. Mike P says:

    I cant seem to find a translator tool on Google for this. Can anyone read this?

  17. Dave Blount says:

    Mr. X,
    Thanks. Reference to the made nigga pic has been removed.

  18. LadyLiberty says:

    Here’s a story tip absolutely love your site!

    New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz threatens to burn Detroit down

    “This is white on black crime,” community activist and Minister Malik Shabazz said from a microphone during public comment. “This is white supremacy. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down.”

  19. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Calling oneself “nigga” means gang affiliation? What gang? Are there American black people who do not call each other “nigga?”

    Nigga please.

  20. QuietMan says:

    Trickle up, Chaco is right about the king’s English: ML King, that is….

  21. wth says:

    If Obama had a son…

  22. IslandLifer says:

    Bob, thanks for correcting me. No they aren’t all like that but the majority are. That I will stand by.

  23. Down Low Soetoro says:

    IslandLifer says: March 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm- “Yup, that’s Soetoros boy alright!”

    You called Trayvon “boy”. Imma gonna tweet your address and put a bounty on your honkey ass, mofo. A set of pimp tight rimz fo’ the winner.

  24. Bob Roberts says:

    Reiuxcat says: March 27, 2012 at 1:39 pm
    Lao? Lao?

    Anyone seen Lao?

    With any luck, lao may not be bothering us any more.

    You never know!

  25. Bob Roberts says:

    Act like a thug die like one! The guy was right, but forced to resign for speaking truth.

  26. Bob Roberts says:

    IslandLifer says: March 27, 2012 at 3:54 pm
    I don’t know what your experiences are – and how they may have affected your opinions.

    I myself am pretty down on people who drink and drive, having been nearly killed by one who was an illegal alien to boot.

    As a result I do NOT hate all illegal aliens nor do I hate all people who drink and drive. I speak out about what’s wrong with both, for sure, but I don’t assume EVERYONE or even MOST PEOPLE are either illegal aliens or drunk drivers.

    You have a point that people that come from certain cultural backgrounds don’t share are views and can act in ways that are strange or even repulsive to us – I’ll grant you that. You also may make the point that some people (“people of color” in general) are prone to adopt a victim mentality to justify not acting as they should.

    I’m glad you accepted my points as you did. It would be interesting to discover why and how you came to feel the way you do and perhaps, upon discussing matters, you might further revise your positions.

    Still, I’m not challenging your underlying point that there are people who, frankly, the world might be better off without. I’m just suggesting that decision really must be made on an individual basis and cannot be automatically assigned to any group.

  27. Bob Roberts says:

    OOPS where I typed “are” it should, obviously, be “our”. Don’t know how I did that, or why!

  28. AC says:

    Act like a thug die like one! The guy was right, but forced to resign for speaking truth.

    The NOPD is about to get a crash course in the First Amendment.

  29. octa bright says:

    Considering tha state that Detroit is in at present wouldn’t burning it down be a good way to start urban renewal? The city is to a large extent a total loss at present, and the funny thing is that the Afro-Americans have controled it for almost two generations. They’re burning THEIR city.

  30. AC says:

    Good theory, but they’ll rebuild it with our money. Detroit will become the city which Porkulus rebuilt. It won’t work this time around either and we’ll all be stuck paying the bill for another failed experiment in urban moonbattery.

    We could surround it with walls and send Snake in.

  31. forest says:

    I hope the hispanic community sees what’s going on here.

  32. Festivus says:

    AC says: March 27, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    We could surround it with walls and send Snake in.

    I thought he was dead.

  33. FrankW says:

    The name is Plisskin. I guess that makes bammy Hershey.

  34. Steve Self says:

    This whole thing friggin bites, black panthers, al sharpton and ol jesse,..turds that wont flush. Hope the truth slaps the sh..outta them

  35. Noelegy says:

    @QuietMan, I think that Dr. King would be ashamed of much of today’s black culture. There was an excellent episode of “The Boondocks” that dealt with that.

  36. Thunderchild says:

    Did anybody catch the phrase:

    “WORD Of The Day: ROXY! : Green Ass Bitches (&&] Nigguz”

    On the street, a ROXY is a 30 milligram Oxycontin – small green pill.

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