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Sep 21 2017

As Zimbabwe Starves, Socialist Dictator’s Relatives Import Rolls Royce Limousines

Socialism has been getting a bad rap lately. True, it entails poverty and tyranny, and often genocide. Yes, it recently reduced the wealthiest nation in Latin America to economic ruin. But it has its positive side. For example, even as their countrymen starve and hyperinflation has reduced the local currency to worthlessness, socialism allows dictator Robert Mugabe’s relatives to live high on the hog:

Grace Mugabe’s oldest son, Russell Goreraza, 33, from her first marriage, imported two Rolls Royce limousines into bankrupt Harare on Sunday.

Grace Mugabe is the wife of Robert Mugabe, who liberated Zimbabwe by driving most of the white people out after confiscating their farms. She is affectionately known as “Gucci Grace” for her ostentatious enthusiasm for the opulent lifestyle socialism permits, if only for the ruling few.

The two vehicles – valued at more then R70 million – were offloaded at Harare International Airport. Their arrival sparked a huge celebration on Sunday night with French Champagne flowing among Goreraza and his Harare friends, all close to the first family.

Goreraza has told pals in Harare his next vehicle, due to arrive in the Zimbabwe capital shortly, is an Aston Martin.

Run for cover if you see a fancy limo coming with Goreraza behind the wheel.

Goreraza … was previously found guilty of culpable homicide after he ran over and killed a pedestrian in central Harare.

No biggie, if you are related to the dictator — another bonus of socialism.

Where does he get the money for new limousines?

[I]nsiders in Harare say he ultimately lives off massive cash donations from his mother who is regularly paid out with public funds from the treasury and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as well as her bank account at the Central Bank of Zimbabwe.

Where do public funds come from, with the former Breadbasket of Africa in long-term economic collapse? Any wealth generated will of course be confiscated by the government in the name of The People, but circumstances do not permit the generation of wealth. Most likely Goreraza’s limos demonstrate where aid money to Africa ends up.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

12 Responses to “As Zimbabwe Starves, Socialist Dictator’s Relatives Import Rolls Royce Limousines”

  1. Eddie_Valiant says:

    When the call went out for money after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, I refused to donate one damn dime. Years later Haiti was still a mess, as reported by one of the mainstream media wonks. So where did all that money go?

    The BBC, hardly a right leaning organization, has a web page from 2013 that detailed where much of the money donated by UK residents and businesses went. Be assured, the numbers are the same for dollars as they are for pound sterling.

    Even Wikipedia has an entry detailing the corruption in Haiti.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oligarchical collectivism is so hard, Leftist tyrants and their cronies need to blow of some steam too…

  3. Bully says:

    That looks like a Rolex watch on the one with the crotch phone. Life must be good for at least a few in Socialist Zimbabwe

  4. Frank says:

    Where does Russell Goreraza think he lives? Venezuela?

  5. JackisBack says:

    Bob Marley championed this dictator. I wonder what he would think if he were still alive? Baldheads killed off and country still in ruins.

  6. BillyBobBob the Covfefe Bob says:

    He would still champion the dictator.

  7. JackisBack says:

    Well, Africa is for Africans. And so is Europe. I think he would be a little disappointed that Mugabe didn’t improve the lives of his people.

  8. Agrippa says:

    Time for a real revolution in former Rhodesia? The people (the real people) need to storm the “palace,” or wherever this scumbag and his spawn live, and tear them all limb-from-limb. Considering how you’re living now, what have you got to lose? Payback’s a bitch, Robbie!

  9. Miss Fortune says:

    Did you read the part about the Red Cross? I spit on them.

  10. Don Dymski says:

    when is that bastard robert mugabe going to croak?

  11. BT says:

    And the same watch is on whoever is sitting next to him.

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