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Oct 18 2019

Assembly Bill 5 Makes Freelance Work Illegal in California

California’s moonbat rulers have gone beyond discouraging work through overtaxation to straight out banning it. Assembly Bill 5 represents senseless tyranny at a level of lunacy rarely seen outside of communist dictatorships.

Last month AB 5, designed to criminalize the vibrant gig economy, was passed and signed. It allows independent contractors to do their job only if it is outside the usual work done by the company that pays them. Basically, that makes it illegal to work as a freelancer in the People’s Republic of California.

Via CalMatters:

Under that requirement, janitors could work as independent contractors only when they have contracts with companies not in the business of cleaning.

Or a rideshare driver could work under a contract with Uber or Lyft only if those companies were primarily in the business of, say, selling vacuum cleaners.

Working freelance has its cons but also its pros. Many choose it because of the freedom and flexibility it offers. It also allows the companies who pay for the work to operate more efficiently. Some work contracted on a freelance basis now would be offshored or simply not done at all if companies had to incur the costs and obligations entailed in formally hiring employees.

By what authority do the leftists running California deprive people of their fundamental right to earn a living? How long before tyrants like Elizabeth Warren impose this malice on the country as a whole, deliberately driving many thousands of productive workers onto the welfare rolls?

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