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Oct 01 2020

Associated Press: Do Not Call Riots “Riots”

In our time, widespread rioting to advance political objectives is a tactic used exclusively by leftists. Decent people hate rioters. Therefore, the word riot must be struck from the Newspeak Dictionary per the Associated Press.

The Blaze reports:

The Associated Press Stylebook tweeted an admonishment to stop using the word “riot” to describe political protests and instead use the milder “unrest” to avoid stigmatizing protesters. …

“Focusing on rioting and property destruction rather than underlying grievance has been used in the past to stigmatize broad swaths of people protesting against lynching, police brutality or for racial justice, going back to the urban uprisings of the 1960s,” the AP Stylebook explained.

Moonbats all read from the same set of talking points. As we were recently gaslit by Harvard lecturer Joan Donovan, Black Lives Matter and Antifa brownshirts burning down your neighborhood are the equivalent of Martin Luther King rallies. The countless crimes committed don’t matter, because the end justifies the means.

The end is racial justice. In the case of Black Lives Matter, this means a Marxist society controlled by a black ruling class. In the case of Antifa, it just means hurting people and breaking things.

AP may have a point here:

“Revolt and uprising both suggest a broader political dimension or civil upheavals, a sustained period of protests or unrest against powerful groups or governing systems.”

Since the objective entails destroying the American system and way of life, maybe the word “riot” understates how malevolent the riots really are. Acknowledging that the riots constitute a revolt — i.e., an attempted revolution — opens the door to appropriately punishing the funders and organizers of the riots for sedition or even treason. Aiders and abettors like Kamala Harris might also face consequences.

But where do you stop? If you are going to press sedition charges against everyone who has aided and abetted the devastating riots, that could mean imprisoning the entire liberal establishment — including the propagandists running Associated Press.

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