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Apr 13 2019

Austin Smith Kills Family, Media Hides Why

When I heard on the radio that a guy had killed his wife and two of their kids because God wanted him to, I struggled to make sense of it. Even in this day and age, how could someone that psychotic be running around loose? I should have guessed the crucial detail they neglected to mention — which is also missing from today’s report on national Fox News:

Two young children and two adults were killed in Phoenix after a man accused his wife of having an affair with his brother, according to reports. …

[Austin Smith] is accused of killing his 29-year-old wife, two of their three children and a 46-old man who was a friend of his brother’s.

It started when Smith confronted his wife over the possibly imaginary affair.

After her denial, that’s when he told police God told him to shoot her…

He told police he next killed 5-year-old Nasha because she was going against God’s law and then killed 7-year-old Mayan with [a baseball bat] because she was weeping for the wicked, according to the station.

Then he took the carnage on the road to his brother’s apartment, shooting three people, one of whom died. Wow, religion sure is bad!

Can you guess the key detail Fox News fails to mention, possibly because everyone is afraid of getting the Jeanine Pirro treatment?

We turn now to local Fox 10:

Now we are getting somewhere. Looks like we can add four more to the thousands upon thousands killed over the centuries in the name of the Religion of Peace.

Given that violence against women is a hallmark of Islam, responsible news outlets would report the probable Muslim connection, rather than leave the public to imagine that Smith is some Hollyweird parody of a Christian. Yet Fox News is not alone in failing to mention it.

ABC News even gives the story the following subheading:

Austin Smith allegedly told police he acted “under his religious beliefs.”

But the story never mentions Islam. “It’s unclear what religion Smith practices,” we are told. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to follow up on Danielle Miller’s lead.

On a tip from Varla.

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