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Jun 11 2018

Australian Fined $200 for Cracking Open a Beer While Fishing

When Australians gave up their guns, they gave up period, signaling to Big Government that they will submit to any indignity, even being fined $200 for cracking open a beer while fishing:

Doug Vickery, 36, was fishing for octopus at Two Rocks Marina [Thursday], when he said he was approached by police at the rock wall.

The officers breathalysed him and checked his license, before slapping him with a $200 fine under the Liquor Act for having an open beer.

They caught him thanks to CCTV from a nearby fishing club. Big Brother is always watching.

This happened in the Perth area, where recently a motorcyclist was fined $550 for loosening his helmet strap after being pulled over despite not speeding. Crocodile Dundee would not recognize the place, thanks to runaway statism.

On a tip from Maurice Miner.

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