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Mar 26 2020

Australian Pol: Wuhan Virus Oppresses Women

The Wuhan virus hits men harder than women. The death rate in confirmed cases is 2.8% in females, 4.7% in males. “Men make up nearly 60 percent of people with confirmed cases of the virus and more than 70 percent of those who have died of covid-19” in virus-ravaged Italy, according to the Washington Post.

But enough about reality. Let’s move on to Cultural Marxism, where the only thing that matters is that you screech phony rhetoric louder and more plaintively than the other belligerent unfortunates as you elbow your way to the top of the victim hierarchy on behalf of your identity group. That way, your team gets more power and a bigger slice of the handout pie.

Via the Post Millennial:

Mehreen Faruqi, Australian politician, Greens Senator for New South Wales, and identity politician stood up before that nation’s legislative body and asked her colleagues to consider the impact that coronavirus is having on women specifically, and that resources be dedicated to that cause.

Faruqi barks that it is a “gendered crisis.” That must make it part of the patriarchy.

You might think a global pandemic would pull humanity together against the common threat. But political correctness has eroded social cohesion to the point that unity may no longer be possible, even against COVID-19.

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