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Dec 09 2011

Australian Welfare Payments Sent Overseas

The Third World colonists who have been swamping Australia are doing so at public expense, being generously compensated for their uselessness by the taxpayer — so generously that much of the money is getting shipped back home:

Some refugees in Australia are sending welfare payments abroad as part of a multi-billion-dollar industry to help relatives in poor countries.

A report commissioned by the Immigration Department says that many recent arrivals from Africa fear losing social respect if they do not send cash home.

Using World Bank data, the report estimated that up to $6 billion flows out of Australia each year in payments to people overseas. It said that a survey of humanitarian arrivals showed that 70 per cent had sent money home.

What to do about the intolerable outrage of do-gooder bureauweenies looting Australian taxpayers to provide free money for African villagers who will never even see Australia? Report author Graeme Hugo, a professor at Adelaide University, has an idea:

Prof Hugo said that … the Federal Government should consider making it easier for them to send money to relatives abroad.

“Anything that countries like Australia can do to facilitate that sending back of finances can potentially have good development impacts in the origin country,” he said.

All you can do is bury your face in your hands.

Closer to home, 57% of households headed by an illegal alien collect welfare in the USA. No doubt hundreds of $billions of our confiscated money is flowing back across the undefended boarder to buy tequila for those too lazy to invade us. The liberal solution is predictable: bring the invading parasites “out of the shadows” with “immigration reform.” That will make it even easier for them to get welfare, but they won’t be illegals anymore.

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5 Responses to “Australian Welfare Payments Sent Overseas”

  1. A. Levy says:

    For many, many years, Australia had an immigration policy that said, “anyone migrating to the country had to show they had a visible means of supporting themselves when they arrived“. If you didn’t have some form of “certifable” employment waiting for you, you were not permitted to enter. Apparently, the bleeding-hearts of the Left have changed all that. Now, it’s become an international public toilet, one subsidized by working tax payers, just like the US.

  2. whotothewhat says:

    WOW what has happened to the Nation that gave us Mad Max, Paul Hogan, and the Men at Work.

  3. Dupree says:

    How are illegal aliens eligible for welfare? I thought you had to be a citizen! 57% !!! Can anyone just walk in and apply? I don’t get this…

  4. James McEnanly says:

    whotothewhat says:
    December 9, 2011 at 9:10 am
    Mad max came to america and became a pariah, Paul Hogan is now facing a massive tax lien and the Men at Work are probably unemployed by now

  5. Bill T says:

    It’s called anchor babies/meal ticket. mexicans show up at a port of entry, in labor and get a free ride to the hospital pop one out, walk out on the hospital bill and proceed to the nearest welfare office and get their anchor babie/US citizen signed up.

    Here is an example of it, Alma Lerma should be the postrer girl for how it’s done!

    Mother’s deportation could have dire consequences for her son.
    She is currently unemployed, and Medicaid covers all the medical expenses for her son.
    And within hours of his birth, he was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Corpus Christi, where doctors “gave him minutes, hours to live.”

    She has eight children(ANCHOR BABIES!), including Angel de Jesus, all of whom were born in the United States. Their future is now uncertain.

    Angel’s mother to stay in U.S.

    Remittances to Mexico up marginally in 2010

    Remittances to Mexico from Migrants for First Six Months of 2011 Were Up by 4.7%, Totaling $11.16B

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